Mustered Out on Regina


Another Day on Jewell

As is the usual routine, the party members meet for breakfast.

While discussing the plans for the day, Sin-Sasha receives a call. It’s DI Morrison. She listens for a while and then addresses the others.

“Apparently ‘Miss Fontaine’ has gone missing some time during the night,” she informs the assembled party members. “They found her tag at the bottom of the river. The DI says that she must have made some good underworld connections very quickly to have managed to find a way of removing it.”

“The result is that she is now their prime suspect. Sinclair is not completely off the hook just yet – they need to get more evidence on her before he is, but they are not as interested in him as they were yesterday. They aren’t removing the tag from him yet though.”

“Well that’s some good news,” Sinclair says, breaking another croissant in two. “I never liked the woman anyway. I thought that she must have been some kind of lesbian.”

“Anyway, hopefully they’ll catch the witch again soon and then we can move on. So what’s on everyone’s agenda for today then?”

Dev’s the only one with much of an agenda and so Sinclair celebrates his newly-won freedom by taking everyone to the fake beach for the day. With the pollution too bad to make sitting on a real beach a very pleasant activity, there are several fake ones in domes created for the purpose.

While the others take the day off, Dev spends the day meeting with lawyers to find out about the possibility of obtaining yet more new passports. He learns during the course of the day that Jewell is one of the worst places in the Spinward Marches to try and obtain a new identity due to the high level of technology on the world and the high law level, the combination of which makes Jewell passports highly complicated instruments which are practically impossible to recreate. Instead he is recommended to get one on Esalin where legitimate passports are issued to rich investors and forgers should have little problem in copying the simple little paper booklets they issue which feature security measures no more complicated than a simple embossing device.

The party members meet up again for dinner. Then, after a quiet night the night before, Sinclair takes many of the crew members out for a long and drunken night out.


Sin-Sasha laughs heartily at Sinclair’s comment about Fontaine, covering her mouth with a gloved hand. “I certainly hope you don’t think that of all women who turn you down.”

Sin has no real intentions for today. I think that we need to speak with the corporation regarding the Asteroid purchase today, and I would like to see if any of our spare Administrators could spare the time to see how much they could get for ARCADE. I could always build another one, and if there’s a chance to make money on him it’d be a savvy move for Sin to make.


Sinclair ponders Sin-Sasha’s question for a moment.

“No,” he replies. “I think some of them must have been frigid, some of them bitches and the rest must have been mentally retarded.”


Sin-Sasha winks at Sinclair good-naturedly. She seems to be in a strangely good mood for someone who has been so distant with the crew since her arrival. “And some a combination of all three right?”


LMAO at the post, and the comments.

Dev will keep his feelers out regarding a Legal defense team, just in case things head south again, though that seems a distant possibilty now. (morning, Dev spends 1k cash on consults and lunch, subtracting from personal funds)

Dev will use these newfound legal contacts to suss out the possibilty of getting another fake “High end” ID. (afternoon and evening, willing to spend 200k out of personal funds for a fully authentic fake identity, this is what you get for making me paranoid about cops Nick ;-)

Dev will see to pricing the “ARCADE” market tomorrow morning, if that’s ok with Sin? (next AM, Broker/Liaison skills)




Dev will try to set up a meeting re:corporation asteroid. (next PM)


Dev learns that high-tech/high-law worlds are the hardest places to get IDs made because they are chips with a vast amount of biometric data on them.

For the Cr.1000 consultation fee he is told that Esalin is the place for picking up second passports. Anyone investing MCt.1 into a local business which employs a minimum of five people in a regional development centre (that’s pretty much anywhere outside Denkeny) will get one legally.

Cr. 100,000 would buy you a fake one from a good forger in the underworld as their passports are just little booklets with pictures in them.


Cool, thanks Nick.


Move up Asteroid meeting or “ARCADE” pricing to today PM if possible then, whichever is available.


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