Mustered Out on Regina


The Naasirka Meeting

After the previous late night, much of the party sleeps in. Dev and Professor Ron, however, are up at a reasonable time in order to spend the day wandering around the robotic supply wholesalers of Facet.

Having already discovered the best wholesalers during his first trip to the suppliers with Sin-Sasha, Professor Ron knows exactly where to go. The wholesalers are well-stocked with parts as Naasirka have a factory on Jewell. As a result, Professor Ron is able to find all of the parts that he is looking for at the standard technology level of the world. Due to Jewell’s location in the furthest-flung corner of the Imperium, there are no imports of higher technology, however.

Coincidentally, while Dev is in the process of paying for a collection of Naasirka spare parts when he gets a call over his commo. It’s Martijn Thalareissen, Naasirka’s President for the Jewell Subsector who the party rescued at Starbucks a few days earlier. Thalareissen asks Dev if he can arrange a meeting later that evening with the party as he wants to thank everyone for their quick thinking during the hostage situation. A meeting is set for 9pm at the Gleeful Dragon Chinese restaurant.

By late afternoon, the shopping for robotic parts has been successfully completed so Dev and Professor Ron head back to the hotel. Here they find DI Morrison and a couple of his underlings talking with Sinclair and some of the other party members. One of the underlings is removing Sinclair’s tag.

“We had a message come through the xboat network from Ruby,” Morrison explains. “Turns out that ‘Miss Fontaine’ or rather ‘Miss Brussman’ to give her her real name, has form as long as your arm. She’s wanted on suspicion of murder which occurred within the 12 hour period prior to your leaving the world.”

“She’s still at large at the moment. However, we don’t feel the need to detain Sir Bartholomew any longer.”

Sinclair is very polite with the officers who remove the tag from him, showing them no resentment at all. The fact that he is completely drunk once again is probably much of the reason why and wishes them well in their attempts to bring Miss Fontaine/Brussman to justice.

With that situation now taken care of, Dev speaks to the others about the Naasirka meeting. Then, everyone gets changed and they head off to the Gleeful Dragon.

Martijn Thalareissen and one of the other executives who was caught up in the hostage-taking situation are both waiting for them when they get to the restaurant.

They start off by thanking the party members for their quick reactions that day.

“We were very impressed with the way that you handled the terrorists that day,” he says. “The board have authorized me to present you with a reward of Cr. 50,000 for rescuing us.”

“However, we have a potentially even more serious problem that I wanted to speak to you about. Naasirka owns an experimental mining/ore-processing facility in the asteroid belt closer to the star which we have been developing over the past few years and which came online a few months ago.”

“Unfortunately, however, late last night we lost contact with the facility for reasons that we do not know. It could be just a failure of the communications system, but it could also be connected with the situation in Starbucks are the terrorists asked quite a few questions about it before you rescued us.”

“As you handled yourselves so well previously, we wondered whether you would be interested in taking a look at the situation there? If you can regain the situation and/or recover the installation and our employees there, then we would be prepared to offer you a much more substantial bonus to represent the complexity of the mission.”

The party members and Martijn discuss the proposal. After much debate, the party members decide that they were prefer to forego a reward in favor of getting some of the space on the refinery to use for themselves. Eventually a deal is reached whereby the party will get an area of around 100m2 for their personal use until the end of 1109.

Martijn then shows them the map of the plant and asks for any questions. Sin-Sasha has quite a few.

Martijn tells her that, as Dev probably figured out from the contracts he saw, Naasirka is pulling out of Jewell subsector. Most of their assets have either been moved back to Regina subsector already or been sold off to other corporations. The refinery remains one of the last problems that he has to solve as there is no firm deal on the table yet. He has meetings with Sternmetal Horizons in the coming weeks and hopes that this might be the solution.

He tells them that, as robotics is Naasirka’s specialties, the plant is heavily automated. There are 20 humans at the plant and 22 robots – all pretty basic models. Standard issue for robots and humans alike are snubbies with tranq although there are ACRs, laser carbines and shotguns in the storage area if needs be.

Neither the robots or the human staff are combat specialists though. The exterior of the base is well-protected. There’s a pulse laser on the roof of the power plant to see off any ships or non-starships that cause problems. Any smaller vehicles like air/rafts should be dealt with by the four 10cm recoilless rifles on the four corners of the complex. Personnel should be dealt with by 23 laser rifles dotted around the exterior. He suggests that you might want to invest in some reflec armor just in case they are hostile. The area around the base is quite rocky. Because of the small size of the asteroid, there is no line of sight from the base further than 2km.

Martijn is very much against the use of any ship-mounted weapons against any part of the base. “All breakages must be paid for,” he says.

Each of the areas of the base should be sealed by iris valves, but this base is very new and so he’s worried that the iris valves might fail in some area and the explosive decompression could wreck the whole place.

He gives the party members several pass keys which should allow entry through any of the iris valves. The whole area is covered by CCTV cameras feeding into the control room. There are no black spots as far as he knows.

There is no back up on this job. If the party can’t handle it alone, then he will have to hire a larger force of mercs. But if he has to do that, then the deal is off.


Please let me know what robot parts you want to pick up while shopping.

Also, let me know what questions you have about the mining rig job.


Would they be willing to “sublet” us part of the asteroid for our lab?


If not, then how “substantial” is the bonus?


To speed things up, let’s assume that, after a good thirty minutes of vigorous debate, Martijn agrees to sublet you 100m2 of space through to the end of 1109 in return for your assistance in this matter.

He will give you a map of the site as well (one I get around to making it).


Hm, and here I was thinking of causing some collateral damage to drive the asteroid’s price down… 100m2 is a lot of space in zero G, enough for a fairly sizable synthesis lab I hope? This mining company we are dealing with, Sin would like to know a little bit about their reputations and holdings. If we’re going to be sharing an asteroid full of the production team and equipment of our top secret drug synthesis program, it’d be good to know who we’re dealing with.

Sin-Sasha would like the following information about the asteroid;
- A crew and duty roster. Who’s up there and where were they working?
- On top of the map, Sin needs a candid explanation of equipment within each section. She needs to know where heavy ordnance can be deployed without say, breaching a fuel cell.
- All security codes, computer access locations, and CCTV ‘back doors’ that can be exploited.
- All details regarding security measures in the complex.
- A thorough inventory of the armory, and what we could potentially be up against in there.
- What backup, if any, we can be expecting.


“What backup, if any, we can be expecting.”


Seriously, Dev is giving himself a 50k bonus for hiring her. Exactly the kind of questions we should be asking; that I always overlook.

OOC, the changed start time 15:00 EST is fine with me, I’ll sleep in!



Before getting into a discussion with my previous post though, regarding the offer of the 50,000 credits for saving their lives. This is a company that values it’s employees; offering a reward when none was asked for and expected. This is the kind of business that likely remembers it’s friends. With the Captain’s permission, Sin-Sasha would like to turn down their offer of the reward. The foundation of a healthy and respectful relationship between the QLoK and these businessmen is priceless, especially considering that they have something we need. I would rather we be given a better deal by our friends than be considered little more than mercenaries.


“With the Captain’s permission, Sin-Sasha would like to turn down their offer of the reward.”

Agreed. Let’s focus on the long term business relationship.


After the conversation with the clients, Sin approaches Devlin with a small list.

“Excuse me, Captain. About the 50,000 investment you made for ARCADE’s upgrades. I have the list ready right here sir, so you know what you paid for.”

The list is as follows;

- Library upgrades (external cartridges to be swapped in/out manually, bear in mind ARCADE can only run two 4 rank programs simultaneously); Navigator4, Steward4, Medical4, Vacc Suit4, Survey4, Ship’sBoat4, ATV4, Gunnery4, Electronic4, Mechanical4, Engineering4, Gravitics4, Communications4, Naval Architect4, Forward Observer4, Prospecting4, Tactics4, Hunting4, Forgery4, Interrogation4, Recruiting4, Administration4, Vehicle4, Close Combat4 (42,800)

Inactive Library is kept within ARCADE’s chassis, like an old jukebox.

- 2 Internal Tentacles, very light (allowing ARCADE to swap his own active programs instead of relying on Ron or Sin) 6power, 10kg, 2,000Cr +10 DEX (stat)

These are the ‘arms’ inside ARCADE that switch the active programs, again like a jukebox.

- Master Unit; 3power, 2kg, 400Cr
- Radio, Continental Range (5000km); 2power, 5kg, 5,000Cr
- Extensive ECM; 8power, 6kg, 20,000

This combination allows ARCADE remote access and control of any robot equipped with a compatible Slave Unit. Sin’s next project is construction of a remote operating Slave Unit (ie, a robot of any design which ARCADE would remotely control. An extension of him.) The Radio allows this control to be done at extreme ranges, while the ECM provides the very best quality signal protection. Only the most powerful jamming or hijacking devices could possibly wrest remote control from ARCADE. ARCADE can also remotely jam signals up to 5,000km away.

As ARCADE is only a Low Autonomous construction, he listens to Sin’s orders explicitly and has no danger of becoming self aware and threatening the crew (like CARL). Though ARCADE has a personality, it’s only a simulation.

Final Cost for all Upgrades; 70,200Cr


With ARCADE’s expanded Library, PCs and NPCs can train in nearly any skill they feel like. Merely consult ARCADE’s Library to see what is available. I will also mention again that ARCADE can teach 24 people simultaneously (Instructor level times 4), but it is up to Nick’s discretion which of the NPCs actually want to participate in the courses.

Also, any Slave Unit that is remotely operated by ARCADE would take up all of his mental capacities to control. He cannot teach a class and have the Slave perform tasks simultaneously, but he could have it move and perform simple actions just fine. A Slave does not need a ‘brain’, and instead has access to any skills ARCADE himself currently has loaded at their full skill values.

The ARCADE ‘slave’ would essentially allow him to become a full blooded member of the crew, providing ‘filler’ skills whenever they are necessary. Sin will also be using him to find Cargo for her own business (but will turn over any deals she passes on or cannot afford to the QLoK).


Any further upgrades I would make to ARCADE would be to his brain to allow simultaneous use of more skills, and if his value increased any more I would give him an armored chassis (a very expensive investment).

I would advise keeping him in a section that is inaccessible to anyone besides the Captain, Ron, and Sin (like the Armory?). The Slave would be the one to perform the classes in that case, as it would keep the very expensive ‘brain’ safe from unruly crew or passengers.


I just had an awesome idea for the Slave robot. A Contoured Combat robot. ARCADE would be able to run Close Combat4 and a 4ranged weapon skill simultaneously, Combat Armor skin, an very advanced sensors making him a powerful addition to the field. A rough estimate based on preliminary work puts his STR at around 40 (2 Medium Arms) and DEX at 15 (maximum). The addition of Grav thrusters would make him able to fly at about… 2-3G before calculations. Without the need for a ‘brain’ inside the frame, that also frees up more volume for a larger power plant (meaning more gadgets) and leaves space for internal weaponry (that can be swapped out wherever people have a problem with that). Giving him legs to look more human is pretty much required for coolness if nothing else, but as the leg transmission takes up a fourth of his power output, he could only function for four hours at a time…

Unless I built another robot that would serve as a mobile refueling station with far more output than it uses. It would need a brain, but as it’s only commands would be ‘follow’ and ‘stop following’, it’d be cheap. By linking Power Interfaces with the Mule (working title), the Slave would have an effectively endless deployment time, and ARCADE could act according to our wishes as effectively as possible.

The pair would not be able to deploy in situations where robots make people nervous, but you couldn’t MAKE a better combat variant (unless you built a tank, which I could totally do). It would require more funding, but let me crunch the numbers for a few days and I’ll give Devlin an estimate.


Sinclair asks for the following skills to be added:

Space Invaders-4
Pac Man-2
Donkey Kong-3


Dev agrees. 1st annual QLoK Space Invaders tournament to commence in the Galley at 1500 hours. Qualifying heats will be held using Pong.



Okay, I just finished building Arcade’s (lets drop the obnoxious caps) Slave frame. I scaled back the lethality of the original design significantly at Nick’s urging to keep our combats exciting. I will happily admit that I went a little power mad after realizing that I had enough space left to fit a LAG, LMG, and a PGMP-12 into his frame… Overkill much?

So going with style instead, Arcade will be equipped with a pair of revolvers and a broadsword so that he wont steal the show from the PCs. Arcade’s mobile design is shamelessly stolen from the Fallout series; Arcade

I should also mention for Dev’s benefit, Sin is covering all costs involved with the Slave and the Library upgrades listed above; he’s already paid 500,000Cr to gain access to Arcade’s teaching plus the 50,000Cr for upgrades. With that, Sin’s finished all of her robotics projects. From now on she’s just upgrading Arcade’s brain.


I love the broadsword, COOL pic! Ok then, Arcade (Gannon?) joins the QLoK crew!

Catch you guys Sunday?



Yup – I am definitely not working next Sunday whatever happens, so we will start at the usual time (13.00 Eastern).


Good idea giving the mobile frame a different name; makes everyone’s life easier when we don’t have to clarify which Arcade we’re talking about. Gannon’s not a bad name at all.

We likely wont have either Arcade or Gannon built for a week or two in game, as right now they are just a very expensive pile of parts. Ron and Sin actually have to assemble them now. The emergence of a character this significant should have a little fanfare, and as Arcade’s personality and control is firmly in Nick’s hands I look forward to meeting him. Arcade is Sin’s baby. :D

I’ll be there Sunday for sure.



Actually, I came up with “…Arcade (Gannon?)” because he’s an NPC in Fallout:New Vegas, and your picture of the Fallout style mobile frame triggered a memory of the character, who I once had as a follower in the game. One of his lines is “Victrix causa diis placuit sed victa Catoni”, which is a stoic utterance by Cato (in Lucan’s Pharsalia), after Ceasar wins the day against Pompey at Pharsalus, that roughly means “we didn’t win, but I’m cool with that ’cause we tried”! Seemed very appropriate to name the ‘bot after a Stoic Republican Senator defeated by his own “Bastardverse” (Ceasar’s Ego) and a disillusioned “Peaceloving” Fallout character at the same time…So here’s to Arcade (Gannon), Saint ’Bot of Lost Causes and Stoicism :-)



Ian just jumped a few coolness notches. We play the same games! I actually came up with the name ‘Arcade’ when I was working on building him and watching Tron: Legacy at the same time. It starts in an Arcade. Brilliant and convoluted, I know.

I would rather not blatantly steal names of characters from other games if possible, makes me feel unoriginal (bearing in mind the above explanation). Even though Devlin and Sin have probably played antique games like Fallout, naming a character ‘Arcade Gannon’ is kind of shameless.

As far as I am concerned, using images for character design is fine though; we’re not all graphic designers and someone has always done it better on the net. Naming the frame something with meaning (like Cato) would be neat though, you are better read than I am though so I’ll leave it up to Ian to name the mobile frame. (Boone was better than Gannon anyway ;) )


LOL, true Boone was better, but less interesting!

Cato the Stoic ’Bot it is then!


(off to go buy Skyrim…..)


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