Mustered Out on Regina


A Day of Planning

The party sleeps in after a second late night of partying on the trot and assembles for lunch at the hotel.

Katja joins everyone after having arrived in Jingarlu late last night – seeing no advantage to staying longer in the Comors Union.

“Dirk and Rico are no longer with us,” she announces. “Rico hooked up with a mercenary company who had just finished some operation in some Banana Republic or other who offered him good money to head off back to Efate with them. Dirk met a former Scout who says he will help Dirk get his Type-S operational again, so he’s gone off with him. So there is just Max and I left. Max is looking after the ship at the moment.”

Richard fills her in with what the other party members have been up to while she was away, including the offer from Oberlindes to rescue Sergei.

After lunch, Adam rejoins the party to help answer any questions that they might have about the gulag to help with the planning. Sinclair also saunters down to join the party along with his two new friends, Marybell-Champagne and Luscious-Hotlips-Chantelle.

As the planning continues, Jeremiah Rock also joins in with the conversation.

Different party members have different ideas as how to undertake the assignment, which leads to Hagen deciding that he does not want to continue with the other party members and so he storms out of planning session, much to the surprise of everyone else involved.

Jeremiah shakes his head, “That cat needs to stay cool.”

Katja rolls her eyes. “I suppose that means that we are going to have to find ourselves a new Head of Security,” she says, adding another entry onto her To Do list.

Discussions continue for a while longer, with many different solutions being proposed. Adam proposes that you adjourn proceedings for the day in order to solve the party’s more pressing staff problems and reconvene the next day. He suggests that you go back to Siirglu’s startown to ask Harley Brosnan for help as he knows most offworlders in the city. The party members agree and drive back to the TAS office in their air/raft.

Harley is helpful as always and tells them that a military type is in the hotel bar upstairs, so the party heads up to check him out. The military-type turns out to be Matt “Sarge” Turner who has just finished a tour of duty in some Banana Republic elsewhere on Ruie. After some haggling over salaries, the party takes him on a trial as Head of Security as a replacement for Hagen.

While the others are chatting with Sarge, Katja arrives nursing an angry lump on her forehead. She informs the others that she found Max drunk on duty and, when she tried to take the bottle from him, he hit her with his monkey wrench. As a result, Katja has now fired him and so the Red Dawn is in need of a new engineer. The conversation is overheard by another occupant of the bar, Dianne Redd, an ex-Scout who is experienced at engineering and who is currently looking for a job. At Katja’s insistence, she is also hired on a trial basis. Dianne was playing cards with Duncan Karswell. Upon learning that he has some useful skills, including those of a steward, Katja suggests that he too is brought onboard.

With the party’s numbers now back to full strength, they head back to the Excelsior Hotel in downtown Siirglu where they introduce the new party members to Sinclair. A night of celebratory drinking ensues.


Well Rico will be missed as an extra “shooter”, what about hiring a couple of “guns” ourselves? We’ve got plenty of cash and the mission could be sold to them as “quick and easy” ;-)


The limit is going to be the number of staterooms on the ship to take everyone on to Forboldn. With four party members, Sinclair, Max and Katja, Sergei, Rock and his four revolutionaries, you have filled all 13 of the Red Dawn’s staterooms.


SCW wouldn’t consider “hot bunking”, would he? Wait a minute, Sinclair, I don’t mean with a party girl…
Well, if that’s all the space we have, then that’s all the space we have. In the future though, we might want to consider hiring our own “specialists”, whether local or long term. We do have some skill gaps, as well as a documented need for cannon fodder (despite Hagen’s stated misgivings)…


Alright, as the rookies seem to be having difficulties with command structure I feel it is necessary to prepare a list for them to refer to in times of combat and otherwise. Normally I am unconcerned about command, as Captain Reynolds from Firefly would not pull rank unless absolutely necessary neither will I.

- Richard is the Captain and Owner of the Dawn, the ship that you all have signed onto. At all times he is in command, but he and I are well aware that his skills extend only so far. As this is a game and all parties have input, I am counting on each and every one of you to not only do your jobs but help me make the best decisions possible. While Sarge seems to think otherwise, I am not a tyrant and do listen to all members, Dev and Splinter can confirm that.

- Katja is the expert in all things business and handles finances to the Dawn. While this does not make her in charge, she is the only person besides Richard who holds the purse-strings for the Dawn. She should be treated with respect, and if asked to do something by her in a non-combat situation please comply.

- Devlin has acted above and beyond the call for Rich ever since he was brought aboard. While not officially in Richard’s employ, he is treated as a senior member of the crew. Legal matters are his domain, and he has LITERALLY jumped on a grenade to save Richard’s life. In times of combat, Dev will give orders whenever Rich cannot. Devlin is effectively the second in command aboard the Dawn in combat situations and very valuable counsel outside of it.

- Splinter has patched up and saved the lives of the crew on multiple occasions, and Rich is no stranger to being under his knife. He has proven to have excellent tactical knowledge as well. In a combat situation that needs quick thinking, Splinter is the one we will refer to. He knows the game rules best and has foreseen many a misfortune coming our way. In matters outside of combat, Splinter is the 2nd in charge behind Rich.

- Sinclair is a cooperative and helpful financier who has purchased the Dawn’s services until we get to Knorbes. While he is a good friend and ally, he is not in command of the Dawn or her crew in any way. All the same, a happy Sinclair is a Sinclair with an open wallet so keep him happy.

- All the new hires. I have no doubt you have your individual skills and will all bring an important element in the game, but as far as Rich is concerned he does not trust you. Until you actually prove yourselves you are at the bottom of the totem pole. You will defer to Splinter, Dev or myself in any situation. This does NOT mean that I want to keep you quiet or blindly following orders, it just means that you have a probationary period to get through before you are real ‘crew’.

Personally I am very happy to have you all playing with us, but when I start taking flak for my command style from people who just showed up I am a bit annoyed. As Rich would say to Sarge; “You weren’t with us in Bakujistra and this is OUR outfit. The Dawn is my home and you all are guests on it, if you cannot work with us you will kindly get out of our way. So hold your tongue or I’ll have Splinter hold it for you.”


Evidently there is some confusion about the command structure I listed here. I’ve been told a few of you took all this as “I’m in charge!” when I only meant it as “The ship belongs to Richard.” That was simply me stating a fact, not pulling rank. In my opinion and Richard’s we are all equal, I was merely stating that he was in charge so that we had someone on the reigns as was suggested during play.

Obviously Eric the player is not in charge of any of the other players, and I want to keep the game fun for all parties, if that isn’t happening it isn’t worth playing.

Up until now you guys have all been paid a salary, a measure I took so that we could save the ship’s funds in one place so that we could save and purchase a bigger and better ship. If money is the issue, then we can make this a partnership. It’s not a savvy business move for Richard, but Eric the player is committed to making this game fun for everyone.

This recent drama has kind of shaken me, I have been very careful not to play through this as a dictator though apparently it is coming off as though I own you guys, which I never intended.


Isn’t this a bit of an over reaction? The comments were only made by Sarge and I assume he was- well- ROLE PLAYING (That’s what we’re here for).

As regards our less than impressive collective gun skills, if we are to take on frequent missions of this kind I suggest hiring a cadre instructor for 6 weeks and training everyone in Cbt Rifle or Shipboard Wpns 1. The limiting factor would be the 6 weeks needed not the cost- possibly schedule in with the annual maintenance or when you are about to switch to a new ship.

Bear in mind i don’t really know the history of any of the games/ players, so if this is an ongoing saga I bow my head.


LOL! True, thanks for the perspective Duncan! It’s easy to get caught up in the drama and forget we’re here to kick some a**, make credits, etc. Let’s get to it!


Hope you guys don’t mind a comment from one of your “fans” but isn’t the idea to roleplay your character’s strengths and skills. Mind if I ask why a group with what looks like a good cross section of core skills keeps trying to resolve scenarios using combat skills that you lack? I’m not suggesting Combat/strife dominant traveller adventures are inferior, but I personally think the game plays better when solutions are arrived at using layers of different strategies! If you want to play gunfighters that’s fine, but perhaps more of you should be ex-army/marines!


Well, Sarge gave Richard a hard time over wages, and Dianne complained about not getting told the plans until it was too late – but it was all just teething troubles. Everyone’s trying to make the game work, and now we have a better idea of each others characters, it should go more smoothly.

There’s a nice set of rules for Salaries & Shares in a Mercenary company in Book 4 (Mercenary), and pay scales for regular starship jobs in the main rules – but I, for one, would rather skip the paperwork and let you make something up! Even if Dianne cared about the money, I don’t.


“If you want to play gunfighters that’s fine, but perhaps more of you should be ex-army/marines!”


We need to get used to working together on the simple stuff before we can try to pull the Big Con, hack the Corporate Mainframe, or whatever. Got to start somewhere, after all.


Thank you guys for being so cool about all this. The group (John, Eric, and I) who’ve been the core players in Nick’s game have been hitting it hot and heavy for the last several sessions. In retrospect some emotions got out of control and some childish things were said (go figure), but Nick is an excellent GM and we’ll be back to having fun next session.
Welcome to the Red Dawn ;-)

Dev (Ian)


Splinter would just like to advise all crew that despite what Sarge implied he is not in the habit of giving prostrate examinations to anyone unless he’s very well paid and allow to wear two pairs of gloves: one pair knitted!


Also who thinks Redd’s man-boobs line to Sarge was the best game quote so far? Vote:


Hi Diceroleking,

Thanks for the input, it’s always nice to get an outside opinion on the party’s escapades.

I agree with you that there should always be a variety of solutions to every problem and that going in, all guns blazing should only be one of them and I do think that the party has possibly missed a few things.

I haven’t written it up yet in the adventure log, but the party spent the night in the town which they knew supplies the Gulag. I thought that they might have had a bit of a look around to see if they could find some useful information there, but they missed that one.


That was a good line ;-)

Still, Dev’s had a couple zingers…


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