Danshaku Tetsuyo Oyama

Minor Noble from Kataylu, Ruie; Passenger on The Red Dawn


Oyama is a minor nobleman from Kayarlu on Ruie and is currently returning home from a tourist trip to Regina – the first time that he has left Ruie.

Those speaking to Oyama soon realize that he is not the smartest person in the world and, reading between the lines, it would appear that he is something of an embarrassment to his family and so he has no real power within it. He did hold a position as Ensign in the Kayarlu Surface Navy when he was younger, but managed to sink the boat he was piloting within a few months of entering the service, after which, he was quickly removed from service. He also had a stint in the Kayarlu Merchant Navy for a while, but was kept in the office where he could do as little damage as possible.

His family have obviously sent him travelling just to keep him out of the way and to save him causing any more dishonor to the family.


Danshaku Tetsuyo Oyama

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