A2 Far Trader Empress Manuela

Far Trader (Type A2): Using the type 200 hull, the far trader is capable of 1-G acceleration and jump-2. Fuel tankage is 50 tons, and the ship incorporates fuel scoops for gas giant skimming. The bridge is standard and has a computer Model/1-bis installed. Two tons of fire control support the ship’s two turrets. The ship has ten staterooms (three for the crew; seven for the passengers) and four low berths. A single air/raft is carried for various ship duties. The ship itself is streamlined for atmospheric landings. Cargo capacity is 61 tons.




1. Bridge
2. Computer Room
3. Stateroom/Crew Room: Usage of room dependent on the presence of a seventh passenger.
4. Common Area: Passenger reception/ Crew Lounge. Lift shaft to upper deck.
5. Starboard Airlock
6. Starboard Laser Turret
7. Starboard Cargo Airlock
8. Ship’s Locker
9. Maintenance Access Airlock
10. Starboard Fuel Scoop
11. Maneuver Drive
12. Jump Drive
13. Jump Drive
14. Maneuver drive
15. Port Fuel Scoop
16. Maintenance Access Airlock
17. Low Berths
18. Port Cargo Airlock
19. Port Laser Turret
20. Port Airlock
21. Crew’s Quarters
22. Crew’s Quarters
23. Life Support System
24. Captain’s Cabin
25. Forward Cargo Ramp
26. Cargo Area
27. Passenger Stateroom
28. Passenger Stateroom
29. Passenger Stateroom
30. Recreation Area/Galley Facilities
31. Ship’s Vehicle Bay
32. Passenger Stateroom
33. Passenger Stateroom
34. Passenger Stateroom
35. Power Plant
36. Maneuver Drive
37. Maneuver Drive

A2 Far Trader Empress Manuela

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