Aeggiks Library Data

Name: Aeggiks
Affiliation: Vargr – Independent
UPP: A505401-E
Planetary details: Starport class A, Excellent Quality Installation. Refined fuel is available, as is annual maintenance overhaul. A shipyard capable of both starship and non-starship construction is present.
Medium-sized world.
World diameter is 4800 miles (7680 km).
No atmosphere.
54% water (ice)
90,000 inhabitants
No Government
Law Level 1: Low law – Body pistols, explosives or grenades and poison gas prohibited.
Tech Level E: Above-average Imperial
Trade Classifications: Non-industrial, Vacuum World, Ice-Capped


Aeggiks bears the name of its founder, Gozdirrzou Aeggiks.

Aeggiks was a highly charismatic prospector from Uerthu who struck it rich when he found lanthanum in the Krorraknue system in 865. Aeggiks invested his proceeds wisely into a freight company to ship the ore to the industrial centres of Gvurrdon sector. In 878, the oligarchs of Udaethaen started to take advantage of the high number of freighters passing through their system on their way to the rich industrial worlds Coreward by charging exorbitant fees to any ship refuelling from the oceans on the planet, using many SDBs to police their system. Merchants had little choice other than to pay, as there were no gas giants in the system, nor were there any in Aeggiks and Dheg, containing a corsair base, was too dangerous. Aeggiks saw most of the profits from his Coreward route going on paying for refuelling at Usaethaen.

Aeggiks knew the Aeggiks system (then just known as X-456T) as he has been prospecting there early in his career. There were few minerals of value present on any of the worlds in the system though. But what Aeggiks I Alpha did have was a lot of ice, as it covered over half of the planet’s surface.

Aeggiks realized that he could exploit the ice deposits in order to provide a refuelling station – he just needed a large fusion generator to superheat the ice to vapour and then tanks to hold hydrogen. By 880, he had a landing pad and a refuelling base set up. Word spread fast among the merchant community that there was now another option from paying the exorbitant fees at Usaethaen and Aeggiks starport increased in traffic quickly. Aeggiks never abused his position in trying to charge high prices for his fuel knowing that other companies would start their own refuelling stations were he to do so.

Aeggiks kept investing in his starport adding more and more services to it, which attracted more and more ships to start using the base.

The underground ice which was boiled up to create the fuel left large underground caverns which could be sealed off and used for habitation. Wanting to grow his starport into a proper community, Aeggiks gave space in the caverns away for very little money, which attracted many Vargr corporations to set up in the strategically placed system. Over time, Aeggiks came to be a major trading post between worlds where brokers from around the sector would come to buy and sell.

Unfortunately, Aeggiks didn’t live long enough to see his plans for his own private world to come into being as he died some 20 years after the starport was founded. None of his offspring were sufficiently charismatic to continue to act as the same leader of the world that their father had been. By this time, however, Aeggiks had taken on a life of its own and the corporations which had moved there continued to expand their presence on the world.

Aeggiks Today

Today Aeggiks is a major trade centre for Spurl and its adjacent subsectors, containing one of the best starports for many parsecs. The founder’s own freight company, Aeggikssukhskaedhkfur, was based here shortly after the starport was founded and went on to become the biggest freight company to be based in the area. There are now also large shipyards based in orbit which are capable to building ships up to 3000-tons.

Inside the ice caverns, there is now a population of 90,000 living comfortably in a high-tech environment, most of whom are working for one of the trading corporations which operate here in a tax-free environment.

There is no set government on Aeggiks and each of the corporations sees to its own business. As is the case with many communities which are based around a major starport, it can be a little wild in places and visitors should take care because of the number of spacers in port for R&R, but there has never been a sufficiently charismatic, or greedy, individual who has tried to take control of the whole world.

This laissez-faire attitude could very well lead to Aeggiks downfall as an independent world though. The Worlds of Leader Rukh is now just one parsec away after the dictator annexed neighbouring Udaethaen in 1089. Aeggiks received a stay of execution when Rukh died in 1097 and several worlds within his Empire broke away. Now, however, Rukh’s son, Rraedzou, has come of age and is showing the same levels of charisma as his father. With Aeggiks possessing such an excellent starport with good ship-building capabilities, the world is an obvious target for the continuation of Rukh’s expansion plans.

Due to the lack of government on Aeggiks and its very independent nature, it did not join up with the Anti-Rukh Coalition. Over the past few years, some of the major corporations have started to invest in a planet defence system, but it could very much be a case of too little, too late unless Rraedzou focuses his attentions elsewhere.


Due to Aeggiks excellent location, high-tech level, good transport links and no taxes, many corporations now have large branch offices on Aeggiks. Among the most important are:

Aeggikssukhskaedhkfur: Aeggiks’ own company, now run by his great-grandchildren, is still the largest company on Aeggiks. They own the biggest shipping company in the area and also run the starport.

Ngangfaedhksae: This corporation was originally based on Uerzthu and started their operation on Aeggiks in a small way, just making non-starships and those up to 400-ton. Over the years though, the Aeggiks operation has come to overtake those on Uerzthu and Aeggiks is now their main shipyard. Much of their production on Aeggiks is for the large 2,000 and 3,000 ton jump-3 freighters which account for most of the goods shipped between worlds in Spurl and adjacent subsectors.

Dzofakael: This corporation is a manufacturer of heavy equipment and ship armaments. Many Vargr ships, including navy and corsair vessels, are armed with Dzofakael weapons and protected by their armour. Dzofakael’s other products are primarily aimed at the mining industry and their bulldozers, drillers and even locomotives are used by numerous mining colonies.

Everik Chemical: This company processes the bulk ore that arrives on Aeggiks from the mining worlds in the area and processes them into a variety of metals.

Arrola Machining: Assembles and sells the best laser bits for mining and other essential tools. Arrola differs from Dzofakael in that they make smaller, higher priced items for mining use, leaving the larger items to Dzofakael.

Walker Robotics: This corporation has its head office near the border of the Spinward Marches on a world with a sizable human population, Pandrin. Walker Robotics specializes in quality human-built robots aimed at the Vargr market (in both form and function). The corporation has a large facility where robots are designed and constructed. From here they are shipped out to Vargr merchants and distributors. Although there is not a huge demand for robots in Vargr space, Walker Robotics’ products are superior to Vargr made equivalents and thus have extremely high profit margins. The main rivals of Walker Robotics are the corsair bands that steal Imperial-built robots and sell them in Vargr space.

Adadan Pharmaceutical: Operates a small R&D office and distribution office on Aeggiks. Head Office is on Uerzthu.

Garimi Manufacturing: Creates tools for manufacturing plants. The operation here is nearly full automated.

Aeggiks Library Data

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