Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer Library Data

Name: Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer
Affiliation: Vargr – Worlds of Leader Rukh
UPP: B843200-7
Planetary details: Starport class B, Good quality installation. Refined fuel is available, as is annual maintenance overhaul. A shipyard capable non-starship construction is present.
Large world.
World diameter is 8000 miles (12800 km).
Thin, tainted atmosphere.
30% water.
200 inhabitants
No Government
Law Level 0: No laws affecting weapons possession or ownership
Tech Level 7: circa 1975
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial, Poor, Low Population


Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer lies on what is currently border of the Worlds of Leader Rukh. As was the case with the neighbouring system of Noe, Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer was originally colonized by the Dhaelngarrga Alkoe Mining Corporation based out of Dhangae in order to provide minerals for Dhangae’s industrial base. Under the government of the Mining Corporation, which invested heavily in the world’s infrastructure, it became a thriving civilisation of over 100,000 people who inhabited a single domed city. However, after it was captured by Rukh in 1090 in a surprise invasion that took the government completely by surprise and who had little in the way of defenses in place, riots and infighting overwhelmed the city.

Initially the hostilities were directed at the Rukh military stationed in the city but numerous packs formed and violence was soon erupting on every street corner. Vehicles were smashed and buildings destroyed as the city was reduced to a gangland of ghettos and slums.

Dhaelngarrga Alkoe were able to evacuate most of the population, mainly to their other mining outposts of Noe and Usere, to be followed by the law enforcement and military divisions who were unable to control the aggressive packs that now ruled the streets.

Although Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer is technically still part of the Worlds of Leader Rukh, the government no longer exists and the Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer is now a lawless city of anarchy. Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer has become the epitome of how many humans regard the Vargr. However, the extreme of the behaviour on this world is really an exception and certainly not a typical display of Vargr society.


Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer starport some of the worst of the fighting on the world as elements loyal to Rukh tried (mainly unsuccessfully) to stop Dhaelngarrga Alkoe evacuating most of the population. During this time, much of the starport was damaged beyond repair. There is now just one of the four terminals still working. This is all that the starport needs these days though as few are brave enough to enter the domed city – and there is little reason to go there anyway.

The fuel refinery is working again now, although at a greatly reduced capacity. The yards which produced non-starships are now mostly closed, although there are basic maintenance facilities available here. Some spare parts are available (mainly scavenged from ships destroyed in the fighting) and it is possible for smaller ships to obtain their annual maintenance here.

Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer Library Data

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