Dheg Library Data

Name: Dheg
Affiliation: Vargr – Independent
UPP: E310335-7
Planetary details: Starport class E, Frontier Quality Installation. Essentially a bare spot of bedrock with no fuel, facilities or bases present
Small world.
World diameter is 2800 miles (4480 km).
Trace atmosphere.
No water
2,000 inhabitants
Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
Law Level 5: Personal concealable weapons such as handguns are prohibited.
Tech Level 7: 1973
Trade Classifications: Non-industrial, Low-Population


Dheg has always been an inconsequential system, containing only totally inhospitable worlds which have little in the way of exploitable minerals. With two systems having Class-A starports and one having a Class-B starport in close proximity, there was little reason for any ship to stop off at Dheg. The only thing that the system had going for it was the fact that the system contained a total of four different gas giants.

However, the out of the way nature of the world but its relatively close proximity to systems seeing a lot of through traffic, plus the abundance of fuel available from the gas giants made it an ideal location first for some smugglers who needed a safe haven to store their contraband. As the smugglers grew, more people came to live here and a rudimentary starport was constructed. Unfortunately, this attracted the attention of several pirate bands who took over the colony and killed all of the smugglers, stealing much of their contraband in the process. There are many rumours that many of the smugglers stashes were never uncovered by the pirates and that there are a lot of hidden stashes of high value goods in various locations on the surface of the planet.

No one quite knows when the smugglers first made a base here under the freezing plains of Dheg because, on at least three occasions, the planet was completely abandoned. Relying totally upon corsairs to bring in food to the small colony here proved to be fatal for the inhabitants because on several occasions, the corsairs operating from here were obliterated in space battles after choosing targets which were too much for them and the base died along with them as the occupants died of starvation.

The world was last occupied in 1083 by the Aegzaeng who built up the colony from just a few hundred inhabitants which was its previous peak population. Numbers were swelled by a number of refugees from the Worlds of Leader Rukh who ended up settling here and Dheg’s population grew to just under 4,000 in 1104. The colony imported some fungus vats in order to provide for themselves in case the corsairs disappeared. This proved to be a wise move on the part of the Dheg residents because the world was abandoned by the Aegzaeng early in 1105 following their merger with the Kforuzeng. With the Aegzaeng specializing as the combined group’s primary ground assault units, they had little need of such a small base as Dheg. Now the population has fallen to 2,000 and it is likely to fall still further over the coming years as the last residents realize that there is little point in remaining in a colony which has been abandoned by the corsair bands which provided the world’s only livelihood in the past.

Government and Law Level

In the past, it has been the leaders of the corsair bands, most recently the Aegzaeng, who have run Dheg according to their own requirements. After the Aegzaeng left, however, there was a power vacuum. Decisions are currently being made on the world by a now retired former corsair called Uuekhrog and his two best friends, Saethoengu who owns the main bars, restaurants, hotels and brothels on the world, and Kfoukgvargaez who owns the chainof general stores. With practically no business for either of the latter two any more now that the corsairs have left, Uuekhrog, who retired wealthy after a lifetime of successful looting, is becoming more and more dominant on the world, although his health is failing as he becomes frail through age.

Due to so many Vargr ending up getting killed in drunken bar fights, the Aegzeng banned the majority of weapons from the colony to save lives. The current government has kept this ban in place (although apart from some bouncers employed by some of the businesses, there is no one to enforce the laws).

Dheg Library Data

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