Farreach Library Data

Name: Farreach
Affiliation: Zhodani
UPP: A200400-B
Planetary details: Starport Class A, Excellent Quality Installation. Refined Fuel is available, as is annual maintenance overhaul. A shipyard capable of both starship and non-starship construction is present.
Small-sized world.
World diameter is 2000 miles (3200 km).
Atmosphere: No atmosphere
No water
40,000 inhabitants
Starport Regulations only
Law Level 0: All firearms prohibited inside starport
Tech Level B: Imperial Average
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial, Vacuum

The Farreach system has five planets, three of which are gas giants. The fourth planet, Farreach, is the only inhabited planet. The outermost planet is much smaller and no attempt to colonise it has been made.

The planet is named for being the furthest Zhodani base from their homeworld of Zhdant. This inhospitable planet has a small population, all of whom live and work in the base.

The colony was established in 833 and functioned as a simple outpost until 979 when the Zhodani upgraded the starport to class A and expanded the military base. A small colony was settled here to run and maintain the facility but the colony did not grow beyond the needs of the starport. There is no industry here and little in the way of farming, most food and supplies are shipped in from Clan.

Although the base is a moderate military installation, Farreach has one of the most extensive starports in the sector. Civilian access is very limited on Farreach and the starport comprises of a number of security zones, with Zone 0 being the only region access is granted to travellers and traders. Zone 1 provides facilities for the starport employees. Zone 2 encloses the military base and is restricted to military personnel only.

Farreach is something of a mystery, not just to the Imperium but to many Zhodani citizens as well. Why have the Consulate built such a starport on their furthest outpost, which has no facilities other than the base? It is this question that has motivated numerous Imperial agents to infiltrate Farreach but none have ever returned.


The people of Farreach are well known throughout the subsector for being unfriendly and rude to anyone not of their race. The Zhodani are wary of anyone visiting the starport, especially those that ask too many questions. To most people, this attitude seems strange even for Zhodani as Farreach is so dependant on trade for its survival.


All travellers are permitted to land on the planet but are subject to cargo searches. Although Farreach has been designated as law level 0, the Zhodani have recently declared that all weapons
and explosives are considered contraband on Farreach, except for personal arms, visitors must keep on their ships.

Farreach Library Data

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