Gash B Deck

Below is a floorplan to the B-Deck of the Gash which Dev and Richard have been able to piece together:

Gash bdeck


1. Bridge – This is where guards and staff are able to monitor all activities onboard the ship through the cameras which are placed all around the ship. The computer system is programmed to spot any suspicious activity, but it malfunctions so often that the staff use manual operation a lot of the time. There are usually only one or two guards on duty here at any one time.

2. Ship’s Locker – This well-secured room is where all of the guards’ weapons, armour and any other items which they definitely don’t want falling into prisoners’ hands are stored. It is also a safe room in case prisoners overrun the level where the computer can be operated from.

3. Computer Room – This area is secured from the rest of the offices and only certain members of staff are allowed inside.

4. Offices – this is where Dev works assisting the prison staff in the day-to-day running of the prison. The terminals here contain a lot of information, but none of them have root access to the computer.

5. Library – Backups of all the ship’s data is contained here as is a lot of non-sensitive data such as ebooks which the prisoners are allowed to read.

6. Ward Room – This is where the guards and staff spend most of their off-duty time. They have their meals here and there are many entertainment options.

7. Access Shaft – Behind the bulkhead walls of this shaft are environment and power conduits, accessible by maintenance panels at three locations. They may be opened only my maintenance keys, and are effectively invisible to the uninformed.

8. Lift Shaft – The shaft links all of the levels of the ship which are currently accessible. It is large enough that guards always accompany prisoners using the lift. Only guards can operate the lift by using their pass keys.

9. Galley and Storage – This is where all of the food on the ship is prepared for both prisoners and guards. Meals are transported down to the prisoners canteen using the dumb waiter at the top of the area.

10 – 23. Guards and Staff Private Quarters – normally they are two to a cell, but in some cases there are three.

16. Warden Grice’s Private Quarters

23. Assistant Warden Voller’s Private Quarters

Gash B Deck

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