Information for Potential Players

Information for Players Wishing to Join the Game

MOoR is a new campaign that will be using the Classic Traveller rules and is set at the start of 1105 with the players beginning on Regina in the Spinward Marches.

The game will be run online every Sunday starting from 6 February 2011 at the following times:

GMT: 18.00
EST: 13.00
PST: 10.00

If you are not going to be free to play at these times for the vast majority of Sundays then, I am sorry, but the game is not going to work out for you.

The game will be played using a Virtual Tabletop program called Gametable (details below in the next section)

I am looking to create a party of between two and six players. There are currently six players in the game, but experience has shown me that there is usually a lot of drop outs at the start of a campaign and so I expect to lose a few and so expect new places to become available in the not-too-distant future.

The type of players that I am looking for are as follows:

Patient. The last time that I played Traveller was in 1981 so I am a little rusty regarding the rules, to say the least, and a lot has happened to the game over the past 30 years. I DM’ed a highly-rated AD&D PBeM campaign a decade ago which generated over a million words of content during the 4 years that it lasted and so I am very experienced at running games, but will need a little time to get back up to speed with Traveller and the changeover to a realtime Virtual Tabletop format. Having researched the current state of the game, I can see that there are a lot of players out there who have an incredible knowledge of the game and the setting. If you’re one of them then great – I would really love to have you participating in the game providing you understand that I’ve been out of the loop for the past three decades.

Mature. I’m 46. I don’t want to be completely ‘ageist’ by setting a minimum age for players, but I would say that the way that I am intending the game to play out would be more of interest to other mature players than to ‘youngsters’ for whom the ‘winning’ is more important than the ‘playing’.

Good role-players. From my previous experience of PBeM’s, I learned that they are very good for role-playing and not so good for combat compared to face-to-face games. Although the virtual tabletop format should make combat more interesting, I am still intending on running a game with the focus more on role-playing and creating a great story with great characters together rather than leaping from one combat to the next. So if combat’s your thing, you’ll probably be better off sticking with some MMORPG which are better suited for this type of play.

Relaxed. I had some bad experiences with my old PBeM’s where some players took things far too seriously which resulted in some serious ego-clashes. I am really looking for players who understand that the goal of the game is just to have fun in a friendly and cooperative environment.


I am open to suggestions from more experienced players, but currently I am looking at running the game using vanilla Classic Traveller rules, plus Snapshot rules for combat (these are very simple and I can provide a copy of the rules for those who are not familiar with them).

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Interested? Then please contact me in any of the following ways with any questions you might have:

By sending me a personal message via this board
Emailing me at nick[at]pendrell[dot]me
On Skype – my username there is: npendrell

Please tell me a little about yourself when you contact me together with your history of playing Traveller.

My plan is to solo play each player for a while to familiarize everyone with the Gametable system and introduce the players to one another so that we can all hit the ground running on 6 February.

Many thanks for reading through this and I look forward to hearing from interested players soon.

Information for Potential Players

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