Interrogating Paul and Jasmina

The prisoners are to be kept locked in separate rooms and interrogated separately. Any interaction with the prisoners is to be handled in pairs, armed and with the utmost caution.

Richard to Paul:

-“Paul, I need to to chart out the areas where Saul’s company maintains control. We don’t want to run into any patrols or have to hurt anyone else you understand? Show me the safe zones in Bakujistra and we’ll make sure not to hurt any more of your people.”

Paul gives a weary smile at the mention of ‘safe zones’. “There are no safe zones in Bakujistra,” he says. “The country is one step away from anarchy – always was and probably always will be. We only have control of the capital, Tajidad and, even here there are constant attacks by partisans and suicide bombers. Outside Tajidad, there are no rules at all. Just because one group of Mujahadeen were your allies yesterday doesn’t mean they are your allies today. Someone could have come along and offered them a better deal to switch sides. It happens all the time.”

-“Paul, what is the name of Saul’s company? What’s all this about it being classified? I was under the impression exposure and fame made mercenary companies more valuable.”

“Saul doesn’t need any more work at the moment. It’s enough of a struggle keeping control of what he has. Originally the company was the Joyeuse 1st Commando Battalion. When we became a mercenary outfit, we were known as Simons’ Commandos. Today it is known as the Bakujistran Republican Guard.”

-“Why is the Colonel after this supposed cache of only 2MCr? He must have far more than that available if he is controlling the country.”

“It seemed as if it was going to be a very easy assignment,” Paul explains. “Get the cards; get the money. It would have been too if you hadn’t taken out Jasmina. More important than getting the Mcr 2 for ourselves is ensuring that it did not fall into the hands of the rebels. That would be enough money to really tip the balance into their favour. But now, after the events at Siirglu, it’s going to be personal for Saul. You have made him look very stupid and, knowing him as I do, he will not rest until he has vengeance.”

-“Besides Jingarlu, are there any warlords who still oppose Saul’s forces? Which ones are the strongest or the richest? Tell me about their reputations and regions.”

“The low-lying, fertile area in the west of the country is controlled by a warlord everyone calls ‘The Farmer’,” Paul replies. “He must be one of the richest guys on the world because he grows poppies and cultivates it into heroin before supplying the whole of Ruie. It’s cut off from the rest of Bakujistra and is only accessible by one mountain pass. We have a deal with him – we leave him to his business and he leaves us to ours.”

“The area to the south east of the capital is controlled by a warlord called ‘The Highwayman’. He makes a good living from anyone foolish enough to try and take the lakeside road which links Jingarlu to Nebelthorn without going in a massive armed convoy. He also makes raids on the roads linking Tajidad to both Jingarlu and Nebelthorn, so he is in a very powerful position.”

“Finally there is another group in the mountains to the north east of Tajidad run by someone called ‘The Offworlder’. We think he was part of the 1188th. They are the most competent of the groups, but are severely lacking in resources. The guy who told us about the cards was part of this group.”

-“What is the secret to these cards? Look, they’re just a simple deck. Are you sure the 1188th agent you interrogated wasn’t just sending you on a wild goose chase?”

Paul shrugs, “Maybe they did. You have the advantage over us on this one as you have seen the cards for yourself whereas we have not had the opportunity to look at them closely yet.”

-“What ended up happening to the captured 1188th agent? On that note, where does Saul keep his prisoners of war?”

“He is being held in the cellar of the Royal Palace in Tajidad, along with all of the other important prisoners,” Paul explains.

(You can find a map of Tajidad at:

Any similarities between Tajidad and Terran Kabul in the 1960’s are purely coincidental!)

-“Paul, I appreciate your cooperation. I’m sorry for the injuries you sustained while I was not around to protect you, I give you my word we will not let Saul know that you helped us.”

Paul nods, “If you do then my life won’t be worth living any more.”

Richard to Jasmina:

-“In the interests of fairness, I am obligated to inform you that you will not be returned to Saul even after we finish on Ruie. Your crimes were committed on an Imperial vessel, in Imperial space and crewed by Imperial citizens. You will be turned over to Imperial authorities and tried to the full extent of the law for the cold blooded murder of Sergeant Major Ronald Preston. Until you are turned over you will be treated with respect and decency that I do not think you will experience again. I’m sorry Jasmina, I wish things had turned out differently.”

“That would be a better fate for me than being handed over to Saul after my failure,” she replies weakly.

Splinter to Jasmina

Jasmina I don’t need any of my medical training to spot the dead woman in this room, we both know that with the resources that Saul has its only a matter of time before he gets to you. I am not going to pretend I even want to help you escape the fate he has instore for you, but what I can offer you is a little comfort for the few dark nights you have left. Come clean with me and tell me everything you can about Saul, his outfit and the money and who knows it might help me act out to him a more prolonged scene than I did for Paul. At least that way when you wake to a noise in the night you will have a token fantasy of revenge to fall asleep to! Who knows something you tell us may let us damage him so much he can’t come after you. I for one don’t want him alive any longer than I can help.

Jasmina seems beaten as a result of Paul also having been captured. She doesn’t seem to put up a fight to the questioning and seems to answer the questions to the best of her knowledge.

The information that she provides regarding Saul and his unit matches the information that Richard extracted from Paul, so it would seem as if they are both telling you the truth.

Splinter to Paul

Hello Paul just wondered how you were holding up I thought you might be bored. Perhaps you would like a game of chess, our set is missing a couple of pieces but I think I can get hold of a couple of replacements…. no? Ok, but before I go can I just mention one thing: a man who thinks he’s survived the worst moment in his life might feel gratitude towards the one who saved him and want to reward that person with imformation am I right? However if this survivor was a low and base man who thought he was smart he might think that the one who saved him was stupid and weak because of his compassion and that he was therefore unworthy of the whole truth even possibly so comtemptably compassionate that he deserved to be tricked and lied to. I would remind such a low and degenerate creature that sometimes people like Richard can afford to show compassion because they have people like me on their crew so please Paul double check all you have told Richard just in case you left anything out or got any facts wrong. That shotgun holds ten rounds , you’ve got nine toes and a dick!

“I have told Richard everything I know,” Paul responds quietly. “If you have any other questions to ask me, I will also answer those. There is no need for any additional brutality now. You have shown me what you are capable of.”

After each has finished answering, Splinter will look at them separately and say "there is one direct question I want an answer to: How did Ron die?

Paul shakes his head when asked the question. “Jasmina will need to answer that. She was to be paid to retrieve the cards. We did not tell her how to achieve the results – it was totally up to her.”

Jasmina hesitates a while before answering. “He died quietly, peacefully and without pain – a simple poison which stopped his heart from beating.”


(lights a small cigar like Clint Eastwood in a Fist Full of Dollars)

So we’ve got Lucretia Borgia and Reinhard Heydrich in the dock. My heart bleeds.
Seeing as that I was a Major in a far better military than some Swordie craphole, I wouldn’t necessarily be believing either of these two. If you want to kill a snake, cut it’s head off. Shooting these two and dumping their bodies where Saul’s men could find them would probably hurt Saul the most.

Interrogating Paul and Jasmina

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