Koekh Uez Library Data

Name: Koekh Uez
Affiliation: Vargr – Independent
UPP: A453672-9
Planetary details: Starport class A, Excellent quality installation. Refined fuel is available, as is annual maintenance overhaul. A shipyard capable of both starship and non-starship construction is present
Medium-sized world.
World diameter is 4000 miles (6400 km).
Thin atmosphere.
28% water
7 million inhabitants
Law Level 2: Portable energy weapons including laser rifles or carbines are prohibited.
Tech Level 9: 1991
Trade Classifications: Non-industrial, Poor


Summary: Space Western, as in Firefly run by competing egomaniacal Central Asian dictators

Koekh Uez has a far from ideal climate, being unbearably hot across most of the planet for much of the year, with a thin, barely breathable atmosphere. Still, it is the one planet within a radius of several parsecs that can sustain any type of life at all and so, for this reason, it is of value among the lifeless systems around it containing lots of hungry miners that need feeding.

The world’s history is like a microcosm of all Vargr history condensed into less than a thousand years. The first settlers on the world settled in packs and were simply hunters before the best hunting grounds were rapidly exhausted and so they evolved into raising livestock instead.

Today much of the population is still nomadic in nature, although they have upgraded in technology to the point where they herd their livestock with quadbikes and follow the herds in large airconditioned mobile homes.

Technological improvements led to the founding of permanent settlements so that the herders could trade their excess for other goods. Most of the settlements were located in the mid-latitude zones of the southern hemisphere where the land is more fertile and the world’s oceans made for easier communication.

Although there should be plenty of land available on Koekh Uez for everyone, the inevitable Vargr squabbling and infighting took place when rival packs both wanted the best grazing land which led to conflict between settlements, necessitating their banding together for protection. Although much of the population wanders nomadically and has no loyalty to any government, the towns and small cities do require the protection of a more advanced form of organization. Most have changed allegiance many times in the past as charismatic leaders rise and fall in influence.

Today there are three main power groups on the world, each with a leader of roughly equal charisma and power base, named after the ruling dynasties – Ogkhadzknaeg, Auenthong and Othikloerr Although border skirmishes are a regular part of every day life, the world is relatively stable at the moment as none of the three leaders are able to take on both of his opponents and win.

Instead of fighting one another, the leaders of the three power blocks have instead been competing with one another on prestige projects. Despite the fact that Koekh Uez is a relatively poor world as the quality of the meat which is their only export is not of particularly high quality, each leader’s capital city (again named after their respective leaders) features extravagant palaces and public areas containing many gaudy, huge statues of themselves.

In the past 50 years, the leading dynasties have moved on from architecture to competing with one another in a space race, with the result that each of the three countries now has a spaceport which can just about be classed as a Class-A. These ridiculous follies were supposedly constructed in an attempt to attract more of the through traffic from Dhengae and Uerzthu to the Zhodani Consulate and the Worlds of Rukh away from Inghinfudzolor and Ksorraknue. In this respect, they have been completely unsuccessful as the two rival worlds are better situated and their facilities good enough for the shipping lines’ need. As a result, the large, gleaming starports in each of the three capitals remain virtually empty except for mainly smaller vessels taking out meat and bringing in basic industrial goods in return.

The starports are capable of producing starships up to 600 tons. In reality though, all of the starship elements have to be imported from offworld and they are little more than bolted together locally.

Koekh Uez joined up with the Worlds of Rukh coalition shortly after it was formed, mainly because all the worlds they rely upon for trade did. Since then, they have paid little more than lip service to the coalition, figuring that they are well away from the Rukhian borders and so they will start worrying if Rukh invades Okfozarrga first. News that Rukh has taken Aeggiks is likely to scare the governments of Koekh Uez and make them take the threat of Rukh much more seriously in future.

Koekh Uez Library Data

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