Ksorraknue Library Data

Name: Ksorraknue
Affiliation: Vargr – Anti-Rukh Alliance
UPP: B200657-C
Planetary details: Starport class B, Good Quality Installation. Refined Fuel is available, as is annual maintenance overhaul. A shipyard capable of building non-starships is present.
Small-sized world. (Moon of the small gas giant, Ksorranue Gamma)
World diameter is 1800 miles (2880 km).
Vacuum world
No water
1 million inhabitants
Feudal Technocracy
Law Level 7: All missile weapons are prohibited.
Tech Level C: Above Imperial Average
Trade Classifications: Non-industrial, Non-Agricultural, Vacuum World

Ksorraknue is a small moon orbiting the small gas giant, Ksorraknue Gamma.

Mineral rich, the planet was originally colonized as a joint venture by the Gzangduelirz Mining Corporation of Uerzthu in order to provide essential materials for the industrialized world, plus Lekkaagh Transport as Ksorraknue was an important stopover point between Uerzthu and Aeggiks.

Less than a century following the completion of the large geodesic dome that covered the city and its attendant starport, however, in typical Vargr fashion, a high charisma leader emerged in the form of ‘King Rekz’, who threw out the corporations and took over the planet for himself.

The corporations tried to take the planet back by force, but too severe an assault would have proved too risky as they did not want to risk damaging the dome, killing all of the inhabitants in the process. Emissaries were instead dispatched to the planet and were able to obtain a reasonable deal whereby the founding corporations kept 50% shares in the mining operation and starport respectively, which both sides found to be an acceptable compromise.

The colony went on to thrive under the rule of King Rekz and his lieutenants, rapidly increasing from the original planned population of 200,000. Without the finances of the corporations to build more domes, the city was expanded underground to a certain extent, but is still very crowded, so space is always at a premium.

King Rekz’s line is still in control of the planet, with the current ruler being Queen Laghgukva. None of Rekz’s descendants were able to match his charisma, although proved to be reasonable leaders. As a result, Ksorraknue has a relatively high law level by Vargr standards and a significant police force in order to quash any sign of rebellion on the world.

After the surprise Rukhian annexation of Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer, a planet very similar to Ksorraknue, there was a great deal of alarm on the planet and so Ksorraknue was one of the first of the worlds to form the Anti-Rukh Alliance. With all of the planet’s assets contained within the dome, this makes Ksorraknue relatively easy to defend and so the planet has invested in ground defence facilities rather than SDBs and is also in the process of adding additional levels of armour to the dome itself. The planet is also fearful of infiltration by pro-Rukh elements, which has led to additional powers being given to the police to root out any potential Rukh sympathizers.

Ksorraknue Library Data

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