Leaving Esalin

Cargo to Ruby

Most of the ships in port are yachts which are taking their owners back to Jewell now that the festive season is finished. In any case, they are not so interested in the hassle of carrying cargo.

There are just two Free Traders heading to Ruby over the next five days:

Glistening Ruby – 25 tons of cargo free
Empress of Esalin – 8 tons of cargo free

So that’s just 33 tons of cargo space available and you have 55 tons of rubber and 4 tons of pharma that you wanted to move.


Good crew are hard to find on Esalin. It’s a small starport and most of the crews have a pretty easy life shuttling luxury yachts between Esalin and Jewell. The fact that half the crew of the QLOK are Vargr is also a big negative to most people who might be interested in a change of employment.

Fortunately you find one good candidate in the form of Helmut LaPoutain.

More Trade Goods

Sinclair comes back one day from another trade good hunting trip dressed like a pimp. He tells you that he has found 4 tons of Esalin Pink Panda pelts which normally retail at Cr. 7000/ton, but he can get them at Cr. 2800.

Professor Ron struck out – he didn’t find anything going cheap. Likewise Gaan ended up empty-handed as well.

Passengers for Ruby

Although Sinclair and his canine companions’ strategy of hanging around on the beach all day and then bars and the casino every night did not produce much in the additional trade goods, it did work when it came to filling the QLoK full of passengers. It seems as if, now that the holiday season is coming to an end, there are more people wanting to head back to Jewell than there is transport to take them and Sinclair manages to lure a large number of upper class twits and nouveau riche millionaires onto the QLoK with a promise of a non-stop party all the way to Ruby at least.

By the time the ship is ready to depart, he has managed to sell nine high tickets, one middle plus all ten of the low-berths, making it the busiest that the QLoK will ever have been.

The passenger roster for high/middle passengers is as follows:

Nigel Dickinson – Stockbroker returning to Jewell after a vacation on Esalin
Peter Nice and Jacqueline GeraldoTAS employees returning to Jewell after visiting Esalin to consider candidates for a TAS-affiliate.
Kim-Ho Singh – Owner of several upmarket convenience stores on Jewell. On his way back after signing a franchise deal.
Judge Justice Merryweather – Retired judge returning from a visit to see his emigre daughter and grandchildren.
Sir and Lady Algenon Bentley-Farquharson – Old money imperial nobility; not particularly wealthy any longer.
Hank and Mandy Stott – Loud-mouthed brash nouveau riche millionaires who own one of the biggest used grav/car businesses on Jewell.
Lieutenant Boris Cahuenga – Marine, finished an assignment in a junior capacity with the Imperial Embassy in Denkeny (Middle Passage)

Plus 10 Low passengers

Leaving Esalin

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