Medieval Weapons


Short Bow – Cr60
Long Bow – Cr300

Reloading a bow takes 2AP


Sporting Crossbow (aka Light Crossbow) – Cr200 – 5AP to reload
Military Crossbow (aka Heavy Crossbow) – Cr300 – 18AP to reload


Flintlock Pistol – Cr500
Fires as a revolver with -2 to hit

Flintlock Musket – Cr500
Fires as a carbine with -1 to hit

Reloading a musket takes 18AP (this can be split between combat rounds but is never less than 18AP)

Before rolling for any firearm, roll 2D. On a 2, the weapon has misfired and will have to be completely cleaned before it can be fired again (which takes half an hour). On a 3, a minor misfired has occurred which does not require cleaning – just reload and try again.

Medieval Weapons

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