Mongo Library Data

Name: Mongo
Affiliation: Imperial
UPP: A368685-A
Planetary details: Starport Class A, Excellent Quality Installation. Refined Fuel is available, as is annual maintenance overhaul. A shipyard capable of both starship and non-starship construction is present. A Travellers’ Aid Society is present.
Small-sized world.
World diameter is 3100 miles (4960 km).
Atmosphere: Standard
79% water
5 million inhabitants
Civil Service Bureaucracy
Law Level 5: Personal concealable weapons (such as pistols or revolvers) are prohibited.
Tech Level A: Interstellar Community
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial, Agricultural, Rich



Mongo is the smallest planet in the Jewell Cluster, but a pleasant one due to the fact that the atmosphere and climate are very similar to Terran norms.

Although one of the more recent worlds to join the Imperium, Mongo is of vital strategic importance to the Imperium and a rich world, because of the following factors:

  • Mongo’s vast oceans are teeming with marine life which fetch good prices when shipped to the vast, hungry population of nearby Jewell.
  • Relatively recently, rare mineral deposits were found in many places below the sea beds. The MagnetoDynamics Corporation have a strong presence here, providing the technology to extract these valuable materials.
  • The large Naval and Scout bases here, created to protect against any further threats from the Zhodani Consulate just two parsecs away bring high-spending servicemen who spend their salaries in the vast and relatively easy-going startown around Gordon Down.


Mongo was originally settled in 618 by a number of Vargr refugees from the Second Frontier War. After the war, the Imperium claimed ownership of Mongo in 620 but allowed the Vargr to remain. A few small human settlements were established but the population was dominated by the Vargr for several centuries.

Shortly before the Third Frontier War, the Imperium started using new technology to extract minerals from the vast oceans that covered much of the planet. More humans settled here to build and maintain the new facilities. Unfortunately, before production could reach its peak, the Third Frontier War began and in 980 the Zhodani occupied Mongo to use it as a staging point for their attacks into on the Jewell system.

The Imperium re-established control of Mongo in 984, two years before the end of the war. To fortify their position, the Imperium began the construction of several naval and scout bases. However, much of the previous infrastructure of Mongo had been destroyed and the mineral extraction facilities were either destroyed or badly damaged.

In 989 several corporations, backed with funding from Jewell, rebuilt the mineral processing facilities. The most prominent corporation is MagnetoDynamics who have perfected an efficient water filtration system to extract the mineral deposits from the oceans. The population soon grew and within a few years, Mongo had a rich economy and established itself as a key world in the Jewell Cluster.


Mongo has a population of five million, consisting mainly of Human and Vargr. The colonists’ ancestors had to endure much before Mongo became the prosperous world that it is today and this heritage is important to them. The people of Mongo are friendly and amenable to most but tend be hostile toward the Zhodani.


All offworld traders must register their business and cargo with the port authorities before they are given permission to land. The government on Mongo has banned all non-medical drugs and all weapons except for personal fire arms and melee weapons.

Gordon Down Starport

Mongo has only one major claim to fame: the largest starport bar complex in the Spinward Marches. Where even most class A starports have only one or two bars of note, Mongo Downport has a whole complex of bars, lounges, and nightclubs – the entertainment area is actually larger than the business sectors.

Bars range from the “authentic” TL-1 tavern the Pig and Sawdust to the ultra-exclusive Nakege Room, which is open only to Imperial nobility — or those who have paid the 20MCr one-time membership fee and have been sponsored by a noble.

Those reminiscing about the day they were demobbed from the services might arrange to meet at the Green Man, an exact replica of the bar of the same name on Lunion (2124 Spinward Marches; 0504 Lunion; A995984-D), complete down to the simulated windows with authentic holovid from the Lunion bar windows themselves.

The theme bar Hivernation, named for the famous Gege Anderson film of Greindahl’s novel, serves hallucinogens and other mind-altering substances in an immersive holovid and virtual (and real) reality environment said to be controlled by an actual hiver computer. Patrons enter and exit via low berth, and must sign a release beforehand allowing the bar to freeze them for any length of time for both entry and exit suspension — in practice, the longest low berth period revealed by any customer is three weeks, and the bar traditionally cooperates fully with patrons’ travel schedules. It is not recommended for working crew, however, as the experience is thoroughly disorienting.

For the gamblers, the Lirian Casino offers all sorts of games just waiting to redistribute the wealth of tourists, while the Attica Privateer is a nightclub with a pop-culture pirate theme and floor shows in addition to the gambling.

Even those grease monkeys who don’t like to leave their ships will be at home in the Zuchai Room, which reproduces the engineering section of a fictional military starship. Beer is brewed in surplus air tanks, stills improvized from conduit and fusion packs distill the rum, while the coffee is thick enough to drink with chopsticks.

And of course, no such complex would be complete without a fern bar. Larry’s Lounge is exactly what you would expect. It even includes complimentary plastic suit rental for those who want the full experience. Even the worst karaoke performer need not be embarrassed here.

Hourly shuttles run from Gordon downport to the highport; Mongo Highport is completely business, with merely a small passenger waiting area — most liners prefer to run their own shuttles to the surface.

Outside Downport City, there are few tourist areas. The planet’s ocean-based agriculture is worth a visit for the educational travellers, but with the short day it’s not really a beach resort kind of world. Nightlife is hard to come by when night only lasts a few hours. In fact, the local day is short enough that the whole world operates on Imperial time, and the light and dark periods are just treated as an inconvenience.

Mongo Library Data

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