Noe Library Data

Name: Noe
Affiliation: Independent Vargr
UPP: A310464-D
Planetary details: Starport class A, Frontier installation. Excellent quality installation. Refined fuel is available, as is annual maintenance overhaul. A shipyard capable of both starship and non-starship construction is present.
Small world. Practically no gravity.
World diameter is 3000 miles (4800 km).
Trace atmosphere.
No water.
80,000 inhabitants
Captive Government (administered from Dhengae)
Law Level 4: Light assault weapons (including SMGs) are prohibited.
Tech Level D: Above-average Imperial
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial


To all intents and purposes, Noe is a corporate world owned by the Dhaelngarrga Alkoe Mining Corporation based out of Dhangae, some four parsecs rimward of Noe, with all important decisions affecting the world made in Dhaengae.

With Dhangae being one of the few heavily industrialized worlds in Gvurrdon sector, it has a huge need for raw materials to fuel the world’s manufacturing companies. This led to Dhaelngarrga Alkoe colonizing and exploiting the three adjacent vacuum worlds of Noe, Usere and Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer.


Of the three worlds, Noe has the best potential and so was given most resources by Dhaelngarrga Alkoe and living conditions on Noe were excellent and at a very high tech level compared to the Vargr average. The current population of 80,000 live in large domed environments which had plenty of open spaces and green areas. Most of the hard labour was performed by mining robots and so the Vargr on the world mostly work in administrative and technical positions. Because the population was well looked after by the mining company, the population of Noe was relatively calm and stable compared to most worlds in the Vargr Extents.

This all started to change though after the neighbouring world of Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer, which is also run by Dhaelngarrga Alko, was captured by Rukh in a surprise raid, which led to bitter fighting between the population of the world and the military. Dhaelngarrga Alko evacuated much of the population to Noe and Usere. The infrastructure was unable to cope with this large influx of new arrivals and the open spaces inside the domed towns became filled with shanty towns. Now there are not enough jobs to go around and unemployment is high, which has resulted in a relatively high crime rate compared to what it used to be (although still nowhere near that of the more anarchistic worlds in the sector).

Noe Highport

Unlike the planetary bodies in the system, Noe Highport is not owned by Dhaelngarrga Alko Mining Corporation, but rather by one of the biggest shipping lines in the region, Rraegnaell Oukh, which is also based out of Dhengae. Rraegnaell Oukh use Noe as a hub for this part of the sector. They use cheap jump-1 ships to bring ores in from Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer and Usere (plus some oksthuo meat in from Erzthung in jump-2 ships, but volumes are small compared to the large freighters moving ore). At Noe, materials from the neighbouring planets are moved to huge jump-4 freighters which then move everything to Dhaengae.

Compared to most highports in the Imperium, Noe is quite small and has only limited facilities as its main function is as an ore terminal. Maintenance facilities are only available here for ships up to 1000-ton. Rraegnaell Oukh found that it was too expensive to run their own maintenance facilities here and so they farmed the business out to a charismatic former manager who now runs the maintenance facilities as a private concern. Finding business too slow to make a profit just from maintenance alone, he took advantage of the fact that there are several corsair bases in the area and few starports capable of servicing their spacecraft. These links with the corsair bands led to his creating a spacecraft junkyard business, buying the wrecks of merchants and other ships attacked by corsairs that were too badly damaged in the attacks to be usable any more. These are then stripped for parts which are sold on again. Noe Highport is now ringed with lifeless hulks and butchered ships and is well-known throughout the region as the place to go to for anyone with spare parts to sell, or if they need cut-price replacement parts (sometimes of questionably quality).

System Details

The main world of Noe is actually one of 12 moons orbiting the furthest gas giant from the star at a distance of 25AU as this was the body which was found to be richest in resources. With certain resources on the main world starting to be mined out, other mining colonies have been founded on two of the worlds closer to the star, each of which have several thousand inhabitants now as refugees were also placed here as well.

Recently, deposits of the gem known as ‘Glitterstone’ which is very fashionable among Vargr due to its extreme shininess, have been found on two of the other moons orbiting the furthest gas giant and small test operations have been started on both moons in the last decade to explore possibilities.

Political Tensions

The surprise loss of Dharrgkhaksuzarorrdzuer to Rukh in 1090 came as a major shock to Dhaelngarrga Alko and the government of Dhaengae because of the loss of important resources to the world’s manufacturing businesses. Dhaengae had watched the expansion of the Rukh Empire with interest, but always assumed that it would splinter and collapse as so many other Vargr Empires had done before them. Now Dhaengae realizes that Rukh is a permanent threat and, with Rukh controlling a world just one parsec away, it makes Noe a very tempting target for Rukh Expansion because of its mineral riches and due to the A-Class starport which Rukh is lacking in this part of the sector, an asset which would be vital if they were ever to make a decisive strike against the Anti-Rukh Coalition.

For this reason, Dhaengae has been investing in the defence of Noe, with two planetoid monitors already in operation and two more under construction. Several SDBs are also operational in the system and there are usually a couple of frigates on patrol in the system as well.

Dhaelngarrga Alko is also fearful of the danger of revolution on Noe due to the large numbers of unemployed and disenfranchised refugees living in the domes. Ruhk provocateurs are active on the world stirring up trouble wherever they can. For this reason, Noe has a fairly active police force by Vargr standards and all automatic weapons are illegal both on the worlds and on the highport.

Noe Library Data

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