Phoenix Rising Roster

Captain Lev Novikov, “CO”
Commander Richard Von Wolffe, “XO” (on haitus to recover “Lab Ship”)
Lieutenant Commander Devlin Michael, Chief Navigator
Lieutenant Commander Duncan Karswell, Chief Sensor Officer
Lieutenant Commander Mike Harris, Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Sinclair Chormondley Warner, Personnel and Morale Officer
Lieutenant Ethueng Langrruezurrg, Security and Vargr Liaison, “Top Dog”

Non Commissioned Officers
Master Chief Rloozghz, Boatswain
Chief Vllaeithks, Engineering
Chief Nunggaeas, Gunnery
Chief God, Procurement

Ratings (followed by primary Department assignment)
roster spot vacant, Procurement
Arpad, Security (on haitus to recover “Lab Ship”)
“Dick”, “Tom”, Robot Security
Vgonaearng, Gunner
Gaan, Engineer
Nthakuung, Engineer
“Albert”, (mechanic ’Bot), Robot Engineer
“Samantha, RN”, Robot Medic (now reprogrammed)
“Francois”, Robot Steward
“Ramon”, “Manuel”, Robot Janitors

Accommodations (12 available staterooms)

Single Bunking (7 in 7 staterooms)
All Officers (7) Lev, Rich, Dev, Duncan, Doc, SCW, Eth.

Double Bunking (10 in 5 staterooms)
All Chiefs (4), All Ratings (5), Passenger space (1) currently occupied by Professor Ronsukti Taghzsuang.

Please note, in combat stuations, the fourth turret must now be manned by either Lt.Cmmdr. Karswell or Chief Engineer Vllaeithks, due to crew losses.

(btw, I want credit for playing with a bunch of Brits and having the good taste to make the Steward ‘Bot French…R.I.P. Lucky and Zasa “the unfortunate”…Also, R.I.P. “Dead eye” the ’bot gunner, "Love’s a vicious Bitch…")

(Hiatus date 8/21/11)

(further note. on 8/21/11, after valiant service, the Phoenix Rising was traded in on a new ship, the “Queen Laghguvka of Ksorraknue”, a 600 ton Vargr Packet upgraded with a Mod/3 Comp, 2 x (3) Beam Laser Turrets, 2 x (3) Missile Launchers Turrets, and 2 x (1) Sandcaster Turrets. Also upgraded was the Shuttle, which had a nose (Pulse) Laser transferred over from the nose of the Rising’s old cutter…two crew members were unwilling to transfer to the new ship, Eth and God, we wish them luck, they will be missed. Chief Vllae will be replacing Eth as Vargr Liaison. Gaan will be nominal Engineering head, though those resposibilities will still primarily be Vllae’s.)

Salaries – This assumes everyone is on double union standard rates (plus a little more for the gunners)

Gaan | 6000
Nthak | 6000
Nung | 5000
Rlooz | 8000
Vgon | 5000
Vlae | 11000
Ron | 9000
Kor | 5000
Esra | 6000
Total | 61000

Phoenix Rising Roster

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