Robertson Carter Show

Opens with the Forboldn Meliorative Society promo video showing wonderful CGI of booming new towns and cities full of happy citizens.

Voiceover that things are not going to plan, however.

Robertson walking around an area which he says is the first of the planned new towns for the colonists which should be ready for the first wave of colonists in just five years time. Nothing has happened on the site apart from a few foundations dug.

Robertson is interviewing President Ferguldn about the delays. The President is uncomfortable with Robertson’s tough line of questioning. The President admits that parts of the project are delayed, but states that more resources are being brought in to speed up the process and so they will soon catch up.

Robertson asks how many colonists have been signed up for the program. Ferguldn is evasive once again, saying that the main recruitment drive won’t happen until closer to the start of the program in 1110.

Robertson interviews Professor Carl Wilson, formerly of the Biochemistry Department of the University of Regina. He claims that the terraforming activities that are being undertaken by the company who won the tender for the terraforming, Shape of Earth, LIC, are scientifically flawed and will result in the world going from having too much C02 to being over-oxygenated, making the situation worse rather than better. He claims that he was originally hired by the Colonial Office to study the effects and this is what he told them. He says though that his report was ‘lost in the system’ and they went ahead with it anyway.

Robertson interviews Doctor Flora McKenzie of Shape of Earth, LIC. She disputes Professor Wilson’s research and states that Shape of Earth are the most experienced terraforming company in the Spinward part of the Imperium and have successfully terraformed more than a dozen worlds over the past 100 years. Robertson counters that none of the worlds that the company have previous worked on have suffered from the same overabundance of CO2. Dr. Mackenzie accepts this fact but says that several professors with significantly more experience than Professor Wilson were consulted prior to implementation of the progamme.

Robertson asks Dr. MacKenzie if it was true that a bomb recently exploded on one of their algae seeding platforms in the Neasnik Sea. Dr. MacKenzie confirms that this is true, but that damage caused was minor and that the company is bringing in additional security to ensure that it does not happen again.

Robertson is walking through the jungle in the company of Kalinje Flukasz, head of the local chapter of the powerful ‘Pan-Galactic Friends of Life’ organization. Stock footage of some of the rarer fauna to be found in the jungles of Forboldn. Kalinje sadly states that the terraforming activities are likely to kill off 73% of the fauna which can currently be found in the lowlands of Forboldn.

Robertson asks what she thinks of those responsible for bombing the seeding platform. She says that she is totally against violent methods of stopping the terraforming and that the PGFL uses only peaceful means, most notable of which is lobbying the Emperor. She is also planning on standing for President in the next elections in 1107, but fears that more damage is being done every day and by that time it will be too late as much of the damage will already be done.

Robertson is in a dark room with a shadowy character wearing a balaclava being interviewed, who gives his name only as ‘Krusty’. Krusty’s voice is altered on the film. Krusty claimed to be a member of the Evolutionary Protection Army which takes responsibility for bombing of the seeding platform on the Neasnik Sea. Robertson asks him if it is morally right to kill for his cause. Krusty responds that the EPA has given everyone involved plenty of warnings in the past to stop destroying the planet and so these people only have themselves to blame if they stay in what he describes as a ‘justifiable war zone’. He claims that a few human lives are little compared to the mass deaths of the flora and fauna which will be caused by the terraforming.

Robertson interviews Sir Louis Farlane, who is the Director of the Duchy of Regina’s Colonial Office. He too appears a little awkward at Robertson’s questioning but has obviously received better media training. He has little constructive to add to what the President said earlier – excuses mainly and assurances that the project will be back on schedule soon due to the Colonial Office increasing the amount of resources being utilized for the program. Robertson asks if it is true that, if there are not enough settlers volunteering for the colonization program that the Imperium would move convicts to the world as they have done on other worlds. Farlane avoids the question and says that it is too early to discuss such matters and that he is sure that there will be plenty of volunteers once the project is promoted widely.

Programme ends with Robertson standing at the peak of Mount Wueldn with a view over the unspoiled landscape of Forboldn rolling down to the Neasnik Sea behind him summarizing the contents of the report. He makes no judgement as to which of the parties he has interviewed are right or wrong, leaving the viewers to answer the question for themselves – how high a price can be justified for more land for the Imperium to expand into?

Robertson Carter Show

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