Simplified Snapshot

To make the most out of the virtual tabletop program, the game will used simple Snapshot rules in addition to the regular CT combat rules.

Here is a summary as to how they work:

DEX + END = the number of Action Points each character has.

The character with the lowest number of Action Points has to act first. Characters with higher numbers of Action Points can choose to go at an earlier point in the combat if they wish.

Each action that the character makes has a cost in Action Points. Here are the most common:

Walk = 1 AP
Sidestep = 2AP
Backstep = 2AP
Turn 90 = 1 AP
Run = 2AP per three squares (DM-1 penalty to defense while running)
Open Door = 1AP for action, plus 3AP to wait
Open Hatch = 5AP
Draw Weapon = 1AP
Holster Weapon = 2AP
Pick Up Item = 1d6AP
Reload = ENDxAP
Sneaking = 3x normal AP (DM -3 bonus to defense until start of next turn)

Aimed Attack = 8AP
Aimed Attack (Auto) = 12AP
Snap Attack = 4AP (DM -2)
Snap Attack (Auto) = 6AP (DM -2)
Cover = All AP

Close Range = Adjacent
Short Range = 2 squares
Medium Range = 3-33 squares
Long = 34-166 squares

Simplified Snapshot

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