Software for the Game

Software for the Game


Skype is a very useful way for players and the GM to keep in touch with one another instantly rather than waiting for emails to come through. It will also allow for troubleshooting if anyone has any problems in connecting to the virtual tabletop program that we are using.

It can be downloaded for free at:


Hamachi is a program that will connect players to the GM’s computer so that everyone is able to access the game being played on the virtual tabletop program. Without downloading this program, it is not possible to connect to the program.

Hamachi should be downloaded for free from the following link:

Players will be sent the log in and password details to access the network by email or Skype.


Gametable is the virtual tabletop program that we will be using the play the game online. It has been selected as it is a very simple program to get understand with no unnecessary complications. It is also completely free.

Gametable can be downloaded from the following link:

The password will be sent to players by email or Skype.

Software for the Game

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