Vehicle Combat

Vehicles In Snapshot:
(Again just my house rules posted at Nick’s request)

Standard roll to hit is 8+ (logic: bigger, but move faster, also lots of dead space where hits would have no effect)

Vehicles are seperated into two types:

Softskin: armour as Mesh can be damaged by Small Arms (regular and special ammo such as HEAP and DS) and Energy Weapons (inc lasers)

Armored: armour as Battle Dress but can only be damaged by Small Arms firing special ammo such as HEAP and DS and Energy Weapons (not lasers)

Softskins have the same hits value for all sides, top and bottom. Typically 10 points.

Armored Vehicles can have hits values which differ for; top, bottom, sides, front, rear. Typically starting from: 15,25,40,50,30. for a light armored car.

A record is kept of the running total of hits on a given side once total is reached or exceeded any further attacks are against internal components:

These are Crew (armor as worn), powerplant (battle), fuel (mesh), weapons (mesh), cargo (varies).

Hits on crew are treated as normal snapshot rules attacks, any hit on powerplant, weapons or cargo destroys it, a hit on fuel destroys the vehicle and contents and treat as an HE attack for anyone nearby.

Vehicles attack as AP of gunners, note FOF for fixed mounts.

Movement: vehicles move one square per MPH of speed, AP of driver determines when in turn they move. Vehicles can drift one square left or right for each five moved and can turn 45’ for 1/4 movement points and 90’ for 3/4 movement points.

Game and enviroment logic should be used for any actions not covered, GM’s word is final!

Vehicle Combat

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