VP Veng Corsair Angouska

The most common of several designs for this type of vessel, the type VP corsair is a highly flexible para-military starship. Used by corsair bands for pirating operations, mercenary work and hired escort duties, its high crew capacity, good armament and many vehicles lend it well to any situation.

This design for the Vargr Corsair is the one most commonly encountered along the Imperial-Vargr border.


Tonnage: 400tons standard.

Crew: 10, plus up to 14 troops with double occupancy

Dimensions: 78m L x 55.5m W x 15m H

Acceleration: 5-G constant

Jump: 2

Power Plant: 5. 20 EP. Agility-3

Engineering: Two Taeksnguz D-3 fusion power plants driving one Ghouk field-type jump drive and two Arrgh 431/A maneuver drives.

Gravitics: Aengar inertial compensators. 1G floor field.

Electronics: Gzorsekh model/2 computer.

Range: Unlimited maneuver. One jump (130 tons fuel), 200 days standard supply consumption.

Armament: Two triple missile turrets in nose . Two dorsal and ventral triple laser turrets .

Screens: None

Configuration: Needle. Streamlined.

Capacity: 20 tons cargo. 12 staterooms. 4 emergency low.

Vehicles: 50 ton cutter. Two open cutter modules (one containing mounts for two grav APC’s, the other half cargo/half passengers). Two Grav APC’s (one currently missing, the other armed with an autocannon with 7000 rounds, coaxial LMG with 600 rounds and two TAC missile launchers with four rounds)

Veng corsair


1. Avionics. Floor hatch to C-deck.
2. Bridge. Positions for Pilot and Navigator
3. Computer
4. Common Area. Includes mess and recreation facilities. Ceiling hatch to dorsal laser turret. Floor iris valve to C-Deck.
5. Air lock
6. Galley
7. Med Bay
8. Admin Office
9. Stateroom
10. Stateroom
11. Stateroom
12. Stateroom
13. Stateroom
14. Stateroom
15. Engineering. Hatch up to A-Deck. Hatch down to C-Deck. Positions for 2 Engineers.
16. Power Plant
17. Maneuver Drive
18. Avionics and Radio Jammer
19. Missile Turrets
20. Missile Storage
21. Stateroom
22. Stateroom
23. Stateroom
24. Stateroom
25. Stateroom
26. Stateroom
27. Ship’s Locker
28. Emergency Low Berths
29. Flight Control/Mustering Area
30. Cargo. Iris valves to B and D-Deck
31. Cutter
32. Spare Cutter Module
33. Grav APC’s. Hatch up to C-Deck
34. Jump Drive. Hatch down to ventral laser turret. Hatch and iris valve up to C-Deck
35. Fuel Scoops
36. Fuel Tankage.

VP Veng Corsair Angouska

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