It all began on Regina over a year ago, when Sir Sinclair Chormondley Warner chartered the Red Dawn to take him on a hunting trip to Knorbes. Devlin Michael was his fixer and legal adviser, while Mike “Splinter” Harris was ship’s medic and computer geek extraordinaire.

After a string of adventures en route, a situation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time led to the crew of the Red Dawn being captured by Imperial Marines and being sent to the prison hulk, the Gash before being officially sentenced. They did not stay captives for long, however, breaking out of jail and attempting to make their way to Efate aboard the junk trader, the Empress Manuela. The ship misjumped the first time they tried to use her, however, and they ended up well inside the Vargr Extents where they were attacked by corsairs. During the attack, however, they were able to turn the tables on the corsairs, taking their Veng, renamed the Phoenix Rising as their prize.

The party members then spent several months onboard the Phoenix Rising making their way back to the Imperium, assisted by a collection of Vargr crew members.

On Uerzthu, realizing that the Veng would attract the wrong sort of attention inside the Imperium, they upgraded their ship to a Vargr Packet, renamed the Queen Laghgukva of Ksorraknue after the patron of their greatest success in Vargr space and headed back to the Imperium, by way of Farreach, where they took on new crew members in the form of Esra Wallenkamp and Sin-Sasha Crown. They also took on a passenger, James Forbes, who they soon found out to be an Imperial Naval Intelligence officer.

No sooner had the ship arrived on Esalin than Forbes was shot by a sniper. Now the party members, including new recruit, Nicholas “Nick” Mancini are trying to find out what information is contained on the datachip he was carrying with him.

Mustered Out on Regina is played using Classic Traveller rules and set in the Spinward Marches/Gvurrdon sector in the years 1105-6 – as close to canonical as the GM is able to make it.

The game is played completely online every Sunday using the Gametable Virtual Tabletop Program, with additional material and interaction on this Obsidian Portal site.

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Mustered Out on Regina

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