Mustered Out on Regina


Paying Manny

After the excesses of the previous night, the party members are again up quite late, breakfasting mid-morning.

Once they are done, Dev and Sin-Sasha head back into town and go to Esalin Savings and Loan where Dev withdraws Cr. 500,000 in cash. They then head back to the Casino Royale where Dev pays the money to Manny, as arranged. Sinclair & Co. have left; hopefully they’re earning their wages.

Manny shakes Dec and Sin-Sasha by the hand and tells him that he looks forward to seeing them again in a few weeks. Their business now finished in Denkeny, they head back to the starport.

Sin-Sasha, assisted by Rlooz and Vgon, spends the afternoon hiding the 4 tons of hot pharmaceuticals inside the consignment of rubber which arrived earlier in the day. By evening, it is loaded up aboard the two Free Traders, the captains giving the cargo only the most cursory of glances.

The rest of the day is without incident as there is no sign of the return of Sinclair and friends, although regular giggly calls over the radio assures the others that they are all still alive and well (and providing Manny with plenty of business).



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