Mustered Out on Regina


A New Recruit

Over the past few days, a few potential new hirelings have approached the ship about the gunner’s position, but either they were completely rubbish or else they are unenthusiastic about joining a ship where most of the ratings are Vargr.

Eventually though, Dev gets a decent applicant in the form of Helmut LaPoutain a smartly dressed and softly-spoken, somewhat serious, former member of Esalin’s Planetary Defense Force. Helmut is a good all-rounder; he’s not especially experienced as a gunner but he has a host of other useful skills to compensate, including much experience in commos and scanners, which will be useful following Duncan’s departure. Sin-Sasha is impressed with his combat skills and also due to the fact that he has experience of combat engineering. He is also a highly qualified medic. Splinter doesn’t seem to be very impressed with this, the QLoK’s medical department more than over-staffed as it is already what with him and Samantha.

The party members all vote to bring Helmut onboard, with just Splinter abstaining.

Sinclair and the Vargr awaken late-afternoon after another 24 hour sleepathon. With the ship due to depart the following day, the group of them quickly have some breakfast before jumping in the air/raft and heading off to Denkeny for one last night of partying, masquerading as business.



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