Mustered Out on Regina


Forbes Flatlines

Following the debacle that was the QLoK’s first two forays into the world of passenger transport, it is a great relief to all that this trip seems to be going incredibly well. Rather than the liability that he was on the last two trips, Sinclair proves to be a real asset – the passengers all love him and are disappointed during the 24 hour periods when Sinclair falls into a coma following 48 hours of manic clowning around.

The trip is somewhat marred however, when Samantha’s soft, robotic voice comes over the Tannoy as everyone is having lunch in the staff common area.

“Splinter to Med Bay, urgent.”

Splinter rushes to the Med Bay behind the bridge to find that Forbes is flatlining. He spends several hours with a defibrillator trying to shock Forbes’s heart back into life, but his efforts are in vain. He comes out of the Med Bay to find the rest of the crew waiting for him. He doesn’t need to say a word; the hollow-eyed expression on his face says it all.

Forbes is dead.



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