Mustered Out on Regina


Departure from Ruby

Departure day is always a busy one and so everyone is up early in order to make the preparations for taking off again.

Sin-Sasha heads off into town in order to do a little shopping while the others get the ship ready. Ramon and Manuel finish off cleaning all the staterooms while Gaan and Francois take care of the other preparations, seeing the restocking of the fridges with more goodies for the journey.

Mid-morning and thirty tons of freight which Sinclair found arrived. It’s nothing too interesting – just zinc destined for the factories of Jewell.

Dev orders the ship to be refuelled with unrefined fuel as there’s no water to dip from locally and also arranges for the life support systems to be recharged. By mid-afternoon, everything is ready for departure.

Sin-Sasha arrives back a short while afterwards looking remarkably different with a new haircut, cosmetics and a new set of clothes.

Around 18.00, Sinclair leads the passengers back onto the ship and Francois and Gaan get them settled into their staterooms ready for departure. Doctor Ramguteran arrives just half an hour before departure time. He is alone. He looks a little flustered.

“Miss Fontaine should be here shortly,” he says looking at his watch. “You know what these women are like – never anywhere on time.”

The doctor looks increasingly concerned as the minutes tick by. Gaan is also concerned, not wanting to have to delay the passengers for the sake of one later-comer.

Finally, to the doctor’s great relief, he sees a figure scurrying towards the ship, limping slightly.

Dr. Ramguteran is not the only one happy to see her. Sinclair’s face also breaks into a smile when he sees a slim, long-legged woman dressed impeccably coming onboard the ship. Seemingly favoring the same looks as Sin-Sasha though, her face is shaded by a hat with a black lace veil over it which matches her dress.

She stops in front of the doctor and announces in a melodious voice, “Sorry that I’m running late, doctor; I broke a heel and had to change shoes.”

Sinclair is on the scene immediately. He winks at her as he bows to her and introduces himself before helping her to the stateroom she will be staying in with the doctor.

“Lucky old bugger,” Sinclair comments to Gaan standing next to him. “Sharing a cabin with a lovely like that. She must be less than half his age.”

Now that all of the passengers are onboard, Gaan closes the airlock doors and calls up to the bridge to say that they can leave immediately now.

Nick, Dev and Helmut are in position. Dev calls the port authority and they are soon given permission to depart. Nick pulls back the ship from the dock and brings the QLoK up and into the air, before setting off for jump distance.

As the partying downstairs continues where it left off some 60 hours earlier, the ship reaches jump distance just before midnight and Nick sends the ship smoothly into hyperspace.


You’ve netted an additional Cr. 90,000 for this trip. That’s:

-48k for staterooms
-22k for fuel/berthing
+30k for freight
+40k from Dr. Ramguteran
+80k from other high passengers
+10k from low passengers

Let me know if you have any special intentions during jump. If not, I will move things on tomorrow.


Dev’s just taking notes on Piloting from Nick.


Very impressive. Is that stuffing from the chair she’s just cut coming out?


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