Mustered Out on Regina


In Jump Once More

The journey to Jewell is little different from the Esalin to Ruby leg due to most of the passengers being on the second leg of the journey and the nobles and idle rich have another pleasant time being entertained by Sinclair. There always seems to be a party going on in the passenger lounge.

The only ones who aren’t joining in with the party spirit are Doctor Ramguteran and his patient. Although the come out to eat with the others at meal times, they spend the rest of the time in their shared staterooms. The doctor apologizes for being a party pooper; Miss Fontaine says that she needs to rest her ankle so that it is completely healed before the conference.

Sometimes, however, usually late at night, Miss Fontaine can be seen walking the corridors alone, needing to give her ankle some exercise. Whenever he spots her, Sinclair is on to her immediately. The first time he did so, Miss Fontaine was very charming, allowing him to escort her back to her stateroom. After joking that he would prefer to escort back to his own stateroom (well, knowing Sinclair, he probably wasn’t joking) he is happy to oblige.

As the days pass though, Miss Fontaine starts to tire of Sinclair’s constant attempts to seduce her. Initially she elegantly rebuffs his advances. After a few days though, the veneer of charm starts to slide and she pins Sinclair up against a wall and snarls at him. Somewhat shocked by her change in behavior, Sinclair leaves her alone, retires to his stateroom and doesn’t bother her again for the duration of the trip, returning to his duties of entertaining the other passengers.



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