Mustered Out on Regina


Meet With Pete

The party members meet up at breakfast in order to plan their day. Sin-Sasha requisitions Professor Ron to go around the robotics suppliers looking for materials for her latest project. Dev and Nick are going around the electronics stores to buy wall-sized screens for the QLoK. Splinter is staying at the hotel to hopefully go through applicants for the chemist positions. Sinclair, Gaan and Nung are going to try and find a buyer for the ferritanium and some new trade goods to sell. The party members all set off on their various tasks for the morning, arranging to meet back up for dinner.

Dev and Nick are back the earliest, having had the easiest task. Ten whole blocks of the city are devoted to nothing but consumer electronics and the pair of them ordered 11 Naasirka Plasma NX5000XP panels – only 10 molecules thick for a total cost of just Cr. 55,000. They find Splinter still tapping away at his datapad. He tells Dev that he has had a few applicants through, but they all look to be too inexperienced to run an important operation as per the one they have in mind.

Sin-Sasha and Professor Ron return around 18.00. Sin-Sasha looks disappointed. Although there are plenty of mid-tech robotic parts around, there are none of the higher tech items that she was hoping for. Professor Ron speaks to the others:

“While we’re here on the only industrial mid-tech worlds in the subsector, would it be possible to invest in some spares for the robots? All of my spares were lost in the combat with the corsairs leaving Koekh Uez and we’ve been fortunate that none of the robots have been badly damaged since then. If I had a budget of Cr. 250,000 I would have at least one spare for each of the robots in case of serious damage – apart from Samantha who is more hi-tech than I could make from the locally available parts.”

Sinclair strides in at 19.00 with Hung and Gaan following in his wake, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He clicks his fingers to summon a waiter and asks for a bottle of the most expensive champagne in the house.

“But Monsieur, it is Cr. 100,000 a bottle!”

“That won’t be a problem – we can afford it,” grins Sinclair.

The other party members are about to give Sinclair a right ear-bashing over his extravagance, but he just holds his hand up.

“Wait,” he says. “Those three tons of ferritanium I found for Cr. 150,000 – I just sold them for 9 million. I think we deserve a little celebration.”

With that sort of mark up, the other can hardly begrudge Sinclair his little indulgence.

“And that’s not all,” he grins. “Nung has found 30 tons of vacc suits. Normal price for the lot would be MCr. 12. Our price would be MCr. 3.6.”

He then winks at Sin-Sasha.

“And Gaan found something very special for the little lady,” he adds. “Four tons of gauss rifles and three tons of ammo. That’s 1000 rifles and 7500 magazines. They are asking full retail for them though – we couldn’t get them down in price. In total it would come to MCr. 2.175.”

“If we want them though, it can’t be done dirtside. They want a MCr.0.5 deposit with the transfer of goods being done well outside sensor range of the planet as these arms are for export only.”

“So do we want to do all of these deals?”

The party members discuss the deals for a while as they sip the champagne. Sinclair declares it to be excellent and worth every cent; everyone else thinks it tastes quite average.

After some discussion and assurance from Sinclair that there will be no problem bringing the weapons dirtside again after the collection, providing that they don’t leave the ship afterwards, the party members agree to all of Sinclair’s suggestions. He says that he will take care of it the following day.

It gets to 9.15pm and the party members need to head off back to the Silver Helm to meet with Pete the Pill. They arrive just before 10pm to see the usual rough crowd, plus a skinny, geeky looking guy who seems rather out of place and ill at ease there. Nick asks the barman if he knows Pete the Pill and the barman nods towards the geek.

The party members introduce themselves and they start to chat with Pete. Pete is a nice enough guy, but it soon becomes obvious to the party that this is out of Pete’s league. Boiling up some meth is one thing; running a commercial pharmaceutical operation is quite another. They do learn from Pete though that combat drugs – licensed or not – are illegal on most mid to high law level worlds, most certainly on Jewell and so they will need to be discrete. They ask Pete if he has any suggestions as to where they might find a suitable chemist. He suggests that they try the Institute of Pharmacology at the University of Facet. The party members thank him for his assistance and then head back to the hotel where they have another early night, despite Sinclair’s pestering them to continue with the celebrations.


Please can you let me know if you want to do all the deals that are included here?

The crew will need paying the following day. How much are you going to pay Helmut?

Just let me know which of these deals you want to do and I will update inventory as appropriate.


Well, of course we’re good with the Ferritanium offer. Please add the 9 MCr plus whatever we got for the “bulk” cargo.

We’ll give Prof Ron the 250k CrImps “Robotics” budget he asked for as well.

Do we want to do the “arms” deal? I say no, unless we can get permits. Jewell is home to a major part of the Imperial Navy and I don’t want to take a chance here…

Helmut is being paid 8k CrImps per month.

Buy the VaccSuits! They’re handy as well as profitable…



OK, here’s what I got:

Salaries 95k
Screens 55k
Robots 250k
Champagne 100k
Vacc Suits 3600k
Total = 4100k

Ferritanium 9000k


I already added the 30k profit for freight to Jewell into the previous update.

No, there is no paperwork for the weapons. Sinclair has been told that, as long as they don’t leave the hold, there will be no problem in landing with them. You won’t be able to bring them back onto Jewell though.


Then let’s do the weapons.


On her return from shopping with Professor Ron, Sin-Sasha looks especially animated. Though her searching the markets for higher technology items had been fruitless, she nevertheless seems very excited. Speaking a mile a minute she details the designs for a special low technology robot to Professor Ron, ushering him toward the boxes of brand new parts she had collected. Professor Ron is impressed, considering that Sin-Sasha is only an amateur with robotics she had managed to assemble an impressive collection of parts that would no doubt produce a valuable and sophisticated piece of equipment, using only her personal funds to do so.

For the next few days, Sin spends much of her private time assembling her purchase with Ron’s help but is sure never to let her duties as Security Officer slide.


Sin-Sasha’s smile at Sinclair’s offer of the weapons deal does not reach her eyes. Weapons. Just weapons.

Later Sin-Sasha finds herself alone on the balcony of her suite. A leather-gloved hand resting on the balcony’s rail as she peers downward at the night traffic below. It was quite a sight for someone like her, a native of such a low population world. The sights and sounds were impressive, but still not enough to drown out the thoughts in her head. Sinclair’s words resonated with her; it was the same thing that her superiors in Naval Intelligence had told her.

The hand at her side tightened into a fist as she stared up at Jewell’s sparkling skyline. “Is that really… all I am to them?”


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