Nicholas "Nick" Mancini

Lovable crook


Nicholas Mancini A86AA5 32 YOA
Homeworld (Emerald) B766555-B
Brawling -1
Bribery -1
Hunting -1
ACR -1
Zero-G Cbt -1

Blade (retractable)
ACR W/ 4 magazines (120 rnds)
Pilot’s Computer. (Nav Charts, spaceports, etc…)
Vacc suit, Armored
Dice, Loaded
Cards, Deck, marked
Comp, Wrist
Suit, Dress (Formal)
Suit, Flight X2


Nick Mancini was an ok scout. Barely missing death on several missions, Nick had one saving grace. He was a very good Pilot. As a kid Nick always ran with the wrong group, was always at the wrong place at the wrong time. This followed Nick into the Scout Service. Nick was fast talker and knew his way around the streets and important things like who needed a little extra incentive to make things go his way. This plan worked well until an afterhours card game went wrong and a man laid dead with Nick’s knife deep in his chest. The local Cools knew nothing about the gun that had been drawn during the argument, they had an off world suspect and a dead local who just happened to be the 2nd cousin of the local governor.
Nick took what credits he had left, packed his stuff and headed off world, running as far as he could get, eventually ending up at Esalin.
Making his rounds at the Spaceport, he hears of a newly arrived ship needing a pilot….

Nicholas "Nick" Mancini

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