Arcade, Robot


A TL12 Robotic Instructor; Arcade is Sin’s first creation. At Devlin’s insistence, Arcade was completed using only Sin’s personal funds. Sin is happy to allow other crew to use Arcade’s functions to learn from his diverse library of programs. Arcade teaches using very detailed situational and hypothetical situations, allowing for an interactive and entertaining learning experience. Arcade is also capable to play Gambling programs with passengers and crew but watch out, he’s good!

Due to Arcade’s Emotion Simulation and Instructor Programs, Arcade can run 6 week instructional programs to teach any skill in his library (provided it is properly installed) up to Rank 3. 24 People can benefit from Arcade’s Instruction at any given time.

50 Vol Box Chassis (5wt 7,500Cr)

BRAIN/ 1 power
2 Synaptic (0.2Vol) 0.2wt 100,000Cr
20 Parallel (10Vol) 2wt 300,000Cr
40 Linear (8Vol) 4wt 20,000Cr

30 Standard (15Vol) 3wt 7,500Cr

Full Command (2Int) CPU 3 STORAGE 5 5,000Cr
Low Autonomous Logic (2Dex) CPUmin15 Parallelmin10 Synapticmin 1 Storagemin25 7,000Cr

PROGRAM LIBRARY (All programs loaded via Program Interface based on training schedule)
Only Sin-Sasha or Professor Ron are to handle the program hardware. Do NOT attempt to change the Library Selection on your own.
Emotion Simulation (2capCPU) 400Cr
Instruction4 (40capCPU) 2,800Cr
Demolition4 (8cap) 1,600Cr
Wilderness Survival4 (4cap) 1,200Cr
Pilot4 (16cap) 2,000Cr
Recon4 (8cap) 1,600Cr
Gambling4 (16cap) 1,600Cr

Power Interface – 1 power 0.5wt 100Cr
Program Interface – 1 power 1.5wt 1,000Cr
Acoustical Speaker – 1.5 power 1wt 100Cr
Flat Video Display – 5 power 2wt 500Cr

(2) Visual Sensor – 1 power 1wt 1,000Cr
Voder – 2 power 3wt 1200Cr
Audio Sensor – 1 power 0.5wt 50Cr


None, chassis and frame must be manually carried in the event of relocation. Luckily, it comes with a gurney.

None, robot must be manually connected to ship’s power via Power Interface in order to function; a perfect way to spend long jump times.

UPGRADES (as of 033-1106)

- Library upgrades (external cartridges to be swapped in/out manually, bear in mind ARCADE can only run two 4 rank programs simultaneously); Navigator4, Steward4, Medical4, Vacc Suit4, Survey4, Ship’sBoat4, ATV4, Gunnery4, Electronic4, Mechanical4, Engineering4, Gravitics4, Communications4, Naval Architect4, Forward Observer4, Prospecting4, Tactics4, Hunting4, Forgery4, Interrogation4, Recruiting4, Administration4, Vehicle4, Close Combat4 (42,800)

Inactive Library is kept within Arcade’s chassis, like an old jukebox.

- 2 Internal Tentacles, very light (allowing Arcade to swap his own active programs instead of relying on Ron or Sin) 6power, 10kg, 2,000Cr +10 DEX (stat)

These are the ‘arms’ inside ARCADE that switch the active programs, again like a jukebox.

- Master Unit; 3power, 2kg, 400Cr
- Radio, Continental Range (5000km); 2power, 5kg, 5,000Cr
- Extensive ECM; 8power, 6kg, 20,000

This combination allows Arcade remote access and control of any robot equipped with a compatible Slave Unit. Sin’s next project is construction of a remote operating Slave Unit (ie, a robot of any design which ARCADE would remotely control. An extension of him.) The Radio allows this control to be done at extreme ranges, while the ECM provides the very best quality signal protection. Only the most powerful jamming or hijacking devices could possibly wrest remote control from Arcade. Arcade can also remotely jam signals up to 5,000km away.

As Arcade is only a Low Autonomous construction, he listens to Sin’s orders explicitly and has no danger of becoming self aware and threatening the crew (like CARL). Though Arcade has a personality, it’s only a simulation.

Upgrade costs; (70,200Cr)

Final Stats
DEX 12
INT 8 (Allowing simultaneous use of two Rank4 skills for Instruction)

Immobile, relies on External Power
33.2Vol of 50Vol Chassis
46.7wt (Kilos)
Cost 522,050

Arcade, Robot

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