Cato, Robot


A TL12 Robotic Slave Unit; Cato is Sin’s second creation. Cato was completed using only Sin’s personal funds. Sin is happy to allow other crew to use the Arcade-Cato pair. Cato is an extension of Arcade, and as such has his same winning attitude.

Cato appears to be a 7 foot tall, muscularly built man wearing a customized black Vacc Suit underneath a weathered duster. The speech from his Voder sounds as though it is coming from an external radio. It is not readily apparent that Cato is in fact a Robot.

Cato’s refined sensor suites make him nearly inescapable. He sees all, hears all, and with his advanced mass/radioactivity/magnetic sensors he is the perfect scout.

150 Vol Contoured Combat Armored Chassis (180wt 30,000Cr)
30 Vol Head (below)
45 Internal Vol 2 Legs (below)
(45 External Vol 2 Legs)
TOTAL 270 Vol (13 STR)

BRAIN; N/A (Remote Slave uses Arcade’s brain and skills) (+2 Dex)

Key Programs to consider loading in combat;
Revolver-4 (Cato carries two six shooters on his hips)
Close Combat (Broadsword)-4 (Cato carries an 8 inch thick, 6 foot long sword that he can wield one or two handed as he pleases)

Power Interface – 1 power 0.5wt 100Cr
Obscuration Device – 1 power 5wt 150Cr
Radio, Continental (5000km) – 2 power 5wt 5,000Cr
Slave Unit – 2 power 2wt 200Cr

(2) Visual Sensor (Telescopic + Active Infrared) – 7 power 9wt 1,200Cr
(2) Audio Sensor (Extra Sensitivity) – 4 power 3wt 500Cr
Voder – 2 power 3wt 1,200Cr
Magnetic Sensor – 1 power 0.5wt 1,000Cr
Radiation Sensor – 1 power 0.5wt 1,200Cr
Mass Sensor – 2 power 1wt 1,000Cr

30 Vol Combat Armored Head – 6 power 36wt 6,000Cr
(2) Arm, Medium – 10 power 40wt 1,400Cr (+2 Dex, +40 Str)

(2) Legs, Suspension – 15 Vol (10% of Chassis) 15wt 525Cr
Legs, Transmission (90) – 45 power 90 Vol (+45 Internal, +45 External) 108wt 2,700Cr (4 Dex Base)
(12) LT Grav Module – 12 power 36 Vol 24wt (1,200wt Thrust) 360,000Cr (15 Dex Base MAX)

Fuel Cell 6 (+90 power) – 100 Vol 165wt 2,000Cr (0.4 Vol of fuel used per hour)
89 Vol Fuel Tank – 6.23wt 222.5 Hours continuous use. Expels Pure Water as a waste byproduct.

Cato; Final Stats
STR 53 (Robots may go beyond the Human maximum for Strength)
DEX 15 (Max)
INT 8 (As Arcade)
EDU 3 (As Arcade)

414,175 Cr
270 Vol
602.5wt (kilograms)
1,200Kg Thrust (Allowing Cato to fly at 0.9917 Gs (nearly as fast as the QLoK). By keeping six of the LT Grav Modules running at all times, Arcade seems much lighter than he actually is.)
90 power (96 total power draw. Arcade can activate and deactivate devices by necessity.)
89 Vol Fuel Tank allowing 222.5 Hours of Operation

Cato, Robot

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