Gauss Rifle

weapon (ranged)

Instellarms AEMR-7 Gauss Rifle

Gauss rifle

The AEMR-7 or “Hammer” as it is affectionately known, is the 7th production variant of the popular Advanced Electro-Magentic Rifle series produced by Instellarms. The 1 series saw limited production and was soon phazed out due to issues – the most notorious of which was the tendency of the battery packs in the 1st gen. cartridges to self-ignite. The “2” basically fixed these issues and was an immediate hit, with its superb velocity and accuracy, leading to the production of the 3, equipped with an auto-stabilizer, laser rangefinder and scope which saw immediate use by Marine snipers. Various models have followed, all fitting the same basic spec with incremental improvements along the way.

The AEMR-7 is manufactured under license by numerous companies including Tarantino Ltd, as the GS-7 in the Solomani Rim.

“The ultimate development of the slug thrower, the Gauss rifle generates 1500 metres per second velocity of spin stabilized frictionless accuracy, automatic 1, 4 or 10 round burst, comes standard with our ever popular “Battlescope” telescopic sight and rangefinder, RAM grenade adapter, gyrostabilization, portable bipod, sling and carrying case. If you want to fill a target with high velocity projectiles, nothing does it better."

Length: 750 mm,
Weight: 3500 g,
Extreme range: 1260 m
Rounds: 40 armour bi-density piercing core, hollow point.
Includes disposable battery pack.


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