Combat Shotgun, Bullpup

A "bullpup" style shotgun manufactured by Arisaka Arms Corporation.

weapon (ranged)

Combat Shotgun, Bullpup

Cost (including loaded magazine and electronic sight): 2270 Cr
Weight (including loaded magazine and electronic sight): 6500 grams
Length (overall): 700mm
Ammunition type: Pellet/flechette, slug (sabot)

To Hit modifiers (armor)

Nothing +5
Jack +5
Mesh -1
Cloth -3
Reflec +5
Ablat +2
Cbt Armor -5

To Hit modifiers (range)

Close -4
Short +1
Medium +3
Long -6 (-2 with slugs and scope)
Very Long N/A

If using solid slug ammunition, ignore the “Group Hits By Shotguns” rule from Book 1, pg42. Solid slug ammunition allows the shooter to receive the standard bonus (+4 at Long range) when using the electronic scope. The shorter overall length reduces the penalty for Close range fire to the same as a Rifle/Carbine/Submachinegun (-4 instead of the original -8). Reloading the ten round box magazine requires one combat round.


Arisaka Arms Corporation is small but reputable manufacturer of small arms. They make several models of shotgun, but only one model in the “bullpup” style. The “Type Twelve” is a gas operated, semiautomatic weapon using a detachable magazine. It comes with an attached electronic sight (a Series 60, by ISG) and a patrol sling.

The “Type Twelve” is offers a number of improvements over a conventional shotgun. Chief among these are easier handling in close quarters (due to the shorter over all length), faster reloading (a box magazine containing 10 rounds fits into the lower rear part of the stock, behind the trigger group), and an electronic sight that allows accurate fire in low light conditions (and with sabot slugs, accuracy to nearly 250 meters). With a properly fitted patrol sling, the Type Twelve can be carried hands free, and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

The disadvantages to the Type Twelve are its cost, and its weight. At 2270 Cr suggested retail, it is nearly 15 times as expensive as a conventional pump action scattergun (most of that cost comes from the electronic sight). It is also 2 kilograms heavier than a conventional pump action, because of the custom stock and reinforcement needed to absorb recoil. Finally, it is not available in a ‘left handed’ version, meaning that the shooter must fire it from the right shoulder or risk getting hit in the face by spent shell casings and hot gasses.

Despite these disadvantages however, the Type Twelve is popular with certain mercenary groups, security forces and anyone who prefers the firepower of a shotgun in close quarters.

For pricing information, or a chance to test fire this weapon, contact an Arisaka Arms dealer near you.

Combat Shotgun, Bullpup

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