Custom Ship


400ton Streamlined Hull, (fuel scoops included)
F Jump drive, Man Drive, and Power Plant (provides Jump 3 and 3 acceleration)
Model 3 computer
150ton Fuel capacity (enough for 1 jump, not ideal but I’d need to double the space for 2. A fourth of the ship already just holds the gas to run it O_o.)
4 Hardpoints with 4 Triple Turrets organized into 2 batteries
-D Bat (3 Sandcasters on each turret for 6 total)
-O Bat (3 Beam Lasers on each turret for 6 total)
Tracked ATV in it’s own bay
G/Carrier in it’s own bay (instead of the air raft, it’s a flying troop transport/tank)
60 tons cargo capacity
1 Captain’s Quarters (double stateroom)
11 Staterooms (crew or HC passengers)
8 Double occupancy staterooms (16 Soldiers/ MC passengers)

80 tons extra for options (See: Deck Plans Book 1, pg. 33)

30ton – Large Lounge area complete with Bar, Pinball and Movie Screen
30ton – Mess Hall and Kitchen
20ton – Strategy Room with holographic display and Communications capabilities

All this for 195.43MCr

ATV squad, 8 soldiers + pc leaders
G/Carrier squad, 8 soldiers + pc leaders
Backed up by the ship for strafing runs.

Might switch out the Sandcasters for Missile racks instead, going full offense. (198.43MCr)


We’ll need to come up with a good name for this ship, leave your ideas here!

Richard’s Ideas (not necessarily good ones):
- Palisade
- Cormorant
- Wonder Bantam (Rich’s favorite)
- Cascade of Fall
- Pot of Gold
- Redemption
- Echo
- Mirage
- Thunder’s Peal
- Silver Symphony
- Forbidden Legacy

Devlin’s Ideas:
- Perseus
- Drake
- La Sirena

Custom Ship

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