QLoK Roster

QLoK, upgraded 600 dton Vargr Packet


Queen Laghguvka of Ksorraknue Roster

Mr. Nicholas Mancini, Pilot
Mr. Devlin Michael, Chief Navigator, Broker
Mr Esra Wallenkamp, Chief Sensor Officer, Engineering
Mr. Mike Harris, Chief Medical Officer, “Geek”
Mssr. Sinclair Chormondley Warner, Personnel and Morale Officer
Madame Sin-sasha Crown, Security Officer
Chief Vllaeithks, Engineering and Vargr Liaison, “Top Dog”

Chief Rloozghz, Boatswain
Helmut LaPoutain, Gunnery
Gaan, Chief Steward
Nthakuung, Engineering
Nunggaeas, Gunnery
Vgonaearng, Gunnery
Professor Ronsukti Taghzsuang, Robotics, commanding
“Dick”, “Tom”, Robot Security
“Albert”, (mechanic ’Bot), Robot Engineer
“Samantha, RN”, Robot Medic (now reprogrammed)
“Francois”, Robot Steward
“Ramon”, “Manuel”, Robot Janitors

Accommodations (21 available staterooms, 11 on the Upper Quarterdeck, secured for crew, 10 on the Lower Quarterdeck, ready for passenger use)

Upper Quarterdeck
Single Bunking (8 in 8 staterooms)
Most Officers, Chiefs, Specialists (8) Sin-sasha, Dev, Esra, Doc, SCW, Vllae, Rlooz, and Prof Ron.
Double Bunking (6 in 3 staterooms)
Assorted (4) Vgon, Gaan, Nthak, Nung, Helmut, Nick
Low Berths (10, single)

Lower Quarterdeck
Passenger Bunking (10 Passenger Berths, single or double)

Except as noted below, the QLoK is a standard 600 dton Vargr Packet as detailed in the MGP “Vargr” supplement.
Please note the following modifications to the QLoK from standard:
A. the two single Laser turrets have been replaced with two triple Beam Laser turrets.
B. the two single Misslie Launcher turrets have been replaced with two triple Missile Launcher turrets.
C. the shuttle has a Pulse Laser mounted in the nose.
D. the hold contains two ground vehicles: a partially armored Grav Truck (we tend to make pickups and deliveries to “rough” areas ;), and a standard AirRaft.
E. the standard model 2bis computer has been replaced by a model 3, currently inhabited by CARL, a sentient AI and friend to the crew (particularly Doc Splinter), at a cost of 1 dTon Cargo space.
F. The ship’s Shuttle is a Sagittarius class, manufactured by Zodiac Ship Systems. She is outfitted with a ground vehicle bay, as well as 40 dtons dedicated cargo space.
G. the ship routinely carries .5 tons “luxuries”, stocked in the passenger staterooms.
H. All passenger staterooms, as well as the Master’s Cabin, are equipped with wall size Naasirka Plasma NX5000XP panels, for the viewing pleasure of our paying customers.

Ship shares:
As of 10/13/11 the ship shares stand as follows,
Dev, Doc, and SCW each with 20% voting shares.
Vllae 4% nonvoting.
Esra, Sin-sasha, Gaan, Rlooz, Nung, Ron, Vgon, and Nthak, all with 2% nonvoting.
Total shares owned by individuals, 80%
Total shares held in trust by Phoenix Corporation, 20%.

(OOC, right now only 60% of the shares are voting shares, and those are split equally between Doc, SCW, and Dev. The other 40$ of the shares are nonvoting. Of those, about half, or 20% of the total shares are owned by the crew; Sin’s current 2% included. The remaining 20% common stock shares are held in trust by the corporation. In the event of dissolution any shares held in trust would be split between the voting stock owners according to percentage of voting stock held at time of dissolution. Also, you may have noticed when Dunc and Kor left the crew, nonvoting common shares are not redeemable on demand, rather, they are only redeemed on the sale of ‘QLoK Corp’, whose primary assest is the ship. There is also a three month vesting period. Crew members holding nonvoting common shares who leave the crew before the vesting period has run forfeit their shares, as happened to Kor. Crewmembers who leave after their vesting period may have their shares held in trust, in their names, until dissolution. First class voting shares, such as those held by Duncan, are redeemable at a reduced rate. Duncan’s shares were negotiated at around 10% of Fair Market Value, though he was also given the option to hold them in trust until the QLoK was sold. He chose cash. Bird in the hand, don’t you know…)

As of 10/13/11 the ship’s salaries stand as follows,
Devlin, Splinter, and SCW, no salary. Upon majority votes, draws are allowed.
Vllae, as Engineering Chief, gets 11k CrImps.
Nick, Esra, and Sin-sasha each get 10k CrImps.
The Professor, Rlooz, and Esra each get 9k CrImps.
Gaan and Helmut each get 8k CrImps.
Nthak gets 6k CrImps.
Nung and Vgon each get 5k CrImps.
Total salaries 90,000 CrImps per month.

There is also a 10k CrImps “security” budget, in addition to normal maintenance, to be overseen by Madame Crown.


Details of the idiosyncratic particulars of the QLoK.

QLoK Roster

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