Sagittarius-class Shuttle

The QLoK's Shuttle


Shuttle (95 tons)

The shuttle uses a standard 95 ton small craft hull. It is streamlined and includes fuel scoops. The engine provides 3G acceleration, and an integral fuel purification plant allows the use of unrefined fuel. Fuel tankage is 2.85 tons, sufficient for four weeks of operation. A crew of two is normal, but the shuttle may be operated by a single pilot. An additional crew couch is provided in the control cabin (bringing the total to three). A single hardpoint is installed, and the shuttle may mount up to two (2) lasers, any remaining weapon(s) must be missile racks or sandcasters. The QLoK’s shuttle currently mounts a single pulse laser, and if a gunner is not assigned, the pilot may fire the laser with a -1 DM to accuracy.

The remaining 71 tons of space are allocated like this:

Vehicle Bay – Parking for the Grav Truck and Air/Raft, in a dedicated vehicle bay, along the starboard side. The Air/Raft is stowed in a rack above the Grav Truck, and both vehicles can be deployed in space or on a planet surface, via the starboard bay door of the shuttle. The vehicle bay can be pressurized independently from the rest of the interior, and may be accessed through a hatch in the cargo compartment. (13 tons)
Extra crew couch – in the control cabin (as described above) (0.5 tons)
Gear Locker (ship’s locker for a shuttle, adjacent to the entry hallway, as in the diagram. This is a place to stow survival gear, vacc suits, weapons etc.) (0.5 tons)
20 Passenger couches (10 tons)
7 Emergency Low Berths (each holds 4 people, who share the same revival roll) (7 tons)
Cargo Compartment (40 tons)

This sets the shuttle up as the ship’s Life Boat (enough emergency low berths for the entire complement of crew and passengers), gives enough couches to shuttle a full load of passengers up to the ship in one run, allows us to move the ship’s vehicles to and from a planet, and gives us 40 tons of cargo stowage if we need to move cargo to/from orbit or point to point on a world. This also adds a nice chunk of extra cargo space, adding to the ship’s normal cargo capacity. Cargo is normally loaded through the big bay door on the port side of the shuttle, while passengers use the smaller hatch on the port side.

You can see the shuttle in the Vargyr Packet deck plan, and how it fits into the ventral area of the QLoK’s lower hull. Also visible is the control cabin with 3 couches, the entrance hallway, the gear locker, and the two bay doors as well as the personnel hatch.


Sagittarius class shuttle

[From the Zodiac Ship Systems sales brochure]
“In astrology, Sagittarius is associated with the transition from autumnal moisture to mid-winter dryness. Because its period indicates a change of season, it is known as a ‘mutable sign’, describing an instinct towards change, and an easy ability to modify or adapt to the demands of the environment. Our shuttle is fully customizable to meet the demands of any mission and any environment.”

Sagittarius-class Shuttle

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