Chatting With Passengers Regina Ruie

This page gives players the opportunity to chat with the passengers (and other crew members) onboard the Red Dawn. Conversations are presumed to have taken place during the first six days of jump, before Ron Preston was found dead in his cabin.

From Splinter:

Hi fellow red dawners first drinks when we hit Ruie are on me thanks to old SCW who’s slipping me Cr 500 a day for access to the old drugs cabinet! Also anybody get a close look at our stiff little trooper’s “lucky 1188th” card deck or even saw him shuffle them – were there infact cards in the box?

Also has anyone got any shoe laces I could borrow?

When asked about the cards, Ron is happy to tell people about them, saying that they are the only reminder that he has of his fallen comrades in the 1188th and how he always has them on his person when he gambles as he believes that they bring him good luck. He is happy to show them to people – they appear to be just a regular pack of cards. He never plays with this pack saying that they are too delicate and he does not want to spoil them. He doesn’t really like people touching them either.

From Splinter:

Splinter draws on his extensive education and what imformation his computer skills enable him to pull from the ships computer to aquire obscure facts and trivia about Ruie and Mora. He then uses this imformation to appear knowledable, humerous and disarmingly entertaining about the passenger’s home planets.

Splinter’s efforts are appreciated by the passengers and they are all more than willing to chat as a way of passing the tedious seven days in transit. The mercenaries are the only exception, not being terribly appreciative.

When talking to the pair of mercenaries he will, despite any protestations they make, act as if him assumes they are very familiar with Ruie.

The mercenaries do not protest whenever Splinter attempts to speak to them; they just take no interest in the conversation, answering any questions with monosyllabic yes/no answers. They do not deny that they have knowledge of Ruie, but are not forthcoming with any additional information as to their involvement with the world.

With Oyama Splinter will try to learn some basic phrases of his language and attempt to determine if he is as dim and clumsey as he appears.

Oyama does seem to be as dim as he appears – one would imagine that he is the product of years of in-breeding between the noble bloodlines of Kayarlu. He is happy to teach Splinter some words in Kayarlan in return for learning some more vocabulary in his poor Galanglic. He does explain that Kayarlan is a different language from Jingarlan so it’s not going to be terribly useful where you’re heading (unless you’re planning on eating in a lot of sushi restaurants while you’re there).

Splinter will continue to gentley bate SCW (I do want to aquire some mild leverage over him if possible whilst he is drugged-up, nothing criminal or heavy but maybe socially embarrassing enough to sway his decisions once in a while and tip the dynamics of our relationship in my favour) especially around Jasmina and Katja.

Naturally chatty and genuinely liking Splinter, Sinclair is like an open-book to him. Splinter learns a lot about his business activities and learns that much of his fortune has come from insider trading. Whether these dealings would be considered as fraudulent would be a matter for some very expensive lawyers to debate at great length. He has also been involved in a little bribery of important officials, but in quite a subtle way – giving ‘presents’ rather than suitcases full of cash.

Very much into the party scene on Regina, Sinclair likes to namedrop about important people on the world which makes for interesting listening. He has had a few affairs with the wives of some pretty important people on Regina.

Towards the latter part of the week Splinter starts wearing a clean but threadbare tuxedo over a “Regina Comic Con 1104” t-shirt, a “You only drug the ones you love” button and tennis shoes with no laces. He also starts drinking his mountain dew out of a cocktail glass with an olive.

“Data theft and passenger drugging…. guess we’re criminals now crewmates”

From Richard:

Prior to the murder, Richard makes sure to swap tales and stories with each of the passengers as much as he possibly can. He treats them as honored guests in his home, just as welcome as Sinclair to sit and revel. Aside from Ron’s games, he nightly sits with the passengers and crew at one table for a delicious meal prepared by Katja (with some help from those with the necessary culinary arts). The feeling is one of a big family and Richard seems accepting of everyone, though the crew know of his more guarded nature. He freely invites passengers and crew to sit, engaging them in long chats while offering some of the finest and most exotic wines and vintages assembled over the course of his long journey. He seems to take a genuine interest in people, noting their merits and flaws and sympathizing with their place in the universe.

The crew also see that Richard is a thorough and devoted worker, checking the course at regular intervals, observing engineering readouts, and running full diagnostics on the Dawn’s systems. It is no wonder that the Dawn is still in such fine condition, as he seems to have been born to be a spacer.

To Oyama: Richard attempts to strike up a fast friendship with his fellow noble, offering the man the opportunity to stretch his legs and get a little exercise by sparring with their blades. The matches are friendly, with only a few nicks and small cuts being earned from their play.

Oyama is happy to chat and spar with Richard. Their sessions are quite evenly matched as Oyama is proficient with his katana, but no master swordsman.

-“So Oyama, tell me, are you an only child? Have you any siblings on Ruie? What do they do?”

“I come from a very large family,” Oyama replies. “I have five brothers and seven sisters. I am the youngest son, but two of my sisters are younger than me.”

-“How did your family make their fortune? As a businessman I am always interested in the stories of the successful.”

“My family owns one of the biggest weaving, textiles and clothing companies in Kayarlu,” he says proudly. “The business has been handed down from generation. My robes are made by my family’s company.”

-“You seem to have great respect for your family’s accomplishments, I wonder if you would allow myself and my crew to visit your home so that I could pay my proper respects. It’s only right that I see you safely home after all.”

“You have shown me great hospitality during this voyage,” he beams widely. “I would be honoured to repay the favour by inviting you to meet with my family. It is quite a long journey from Siirglu though.”

-“I do hope you will tell me about your home planet Ruie. What opportunities might a man looking to expand his horizons and fortune find there?”

Oyama is pleased to talk about his homeworld at length; he is obviously very proud of it. Most f what he says provides you with no more information than you learned from your computer research though."

“I think that there are many opportunities now on Ruie,” he says. “Since the Imperium made contact with our world, progress has been very rapid. I believe that soon Ruie will join the Imperium – whether some people want it to join or not. Those who are most open to new ideas will be the ones to benefit as there is much to be earned by trade. Ruie is highly industrialized and can manufacture a lot for the Imperium once restrictions are lifted and we become more technologically advanced.”

-“I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Regina. If you ever feel like traveling again, I would be happy to have you aboard.”

“Thank you,” Oyama finishes with a bow. “I very much hope that I will be able to travel outside Ruie again soon. There are so many other worlds that I would also like to visit.”

To Ron Preston: Richard listens to Ron’s stories of his time with the 1188th Lift Infantry with eager interest. He had actually spent a fair amount of time with soldiers throughout his early life, and his former lover had left to serve as an Imperial Marine. It had been years since he had seen her, but Richard knew that the people who fought deserved his respect and candor. Though Richard realizes early on that perhaps the gambler idea isn’t the best way to make money on a ship this small, he remains optimistic and accepting of Ron’s assistance.

Ron is also happy to chat with Richard, as he is with everyone else on board. There is only so much gambling he can do each day before it starts to get a little repetitive.

Richard approaches the subject of the 1188th with caution, as Ron seemed to become evasive when discussing their demise.

-“What did you do before you joined the 1188th Ron? Imperial Army?”

“I served for eight years with the Duke of Regina’s Huscarles,” he replied. “Happy days those were, learning to be a soldier.”

-“Tell me about the 1188th Ron, how many people served with the unit? Was it a large company?”

Ron looks sad at the memory, “They were the best lads a man could have served with,” he says sadly. “We would have died for one another.”

He sighs, “Sadly that’s what most of them did.”

“It was a decent sized company – four platoons in total, which is about 160 men in total. No armour – we fought on our feet.”

-“I imagine they would need some pretty serious hardware in order to become a fully fledged unit, if I intended to start my own company, what advice could you give me?”

He smiles and shakes his head. “Having a mercenary company is very different from anything you have done before. My advice would be to join the army for eight years to learn the basics and then see if it’s something that you would really still like to do.”

-“So Ron, we’ve been airborne for awhile now. What do you think of the passengers? Learn anything interesting?”

He smiles again. “Well Sinclair is certainly an interesting chap. Very entertaining – I can’t think of a better drinking companion. Although our backgrounds are world’s apart, I get on with him best.”

“Oyama is pleasant enough. I can never really seem to get past the language barrier with him though to find out what really makes him tick.”

“Jasmina, she’s nice enough too. She’s pleasant enough, but our chats are always very superficial she never goes into great detail about her life or her feelings.”

“He wrinkles his brow. “As for the last two, Paul and Saul, I don’t have any time for them – and they don’t have time for me. I would have thought that we would have a lot to chat about what with their being mercs as well, but it’s like speaking to a brick wall trying to get anything out of them. I’ve given up on the pair of them already. If they don’t want to join in, then there’s nothing else that I can do about it.”

-“Were you with the unit during it’s last action Ron? I only ask to see if you know precisely where in Bakujistra this all happened. If you ask, I’d be happy to take you there so you could pay your respects. It’s the least I could do for you Ron.”

Ron looks sad again. “No, I wasn’t there when it happened. There were problems with my filter mask and so I was out of action with bad Ruikan Asthma, so I missed it all. That’s the only reason why I am still here today. It was in the hills above the capital, Tajidhad. We were sold out by our supposed Mujahadeen ‘allies’. Nebelthorn agents has paid them off to betray us. They knew the lay of the land – we were relying on them to guide us through the passes. They just led us into a trap though and it resulted in a massacre. I heard that our boys didn’t stand a chance. Killed like bugs, they were.”

“I know roughly where the area was, but I didn’t ever see the boys final resting place as I was stuck in the field hospital the whole time.”

To Colonel Simons and Major Thompson:: Richard attempts to get the two mercenaries involved with the activities of the crew and passengers, letting them know that they are more than welcome to participate. Though he is mildly suspicious about their detachment and seclusion, Richard respects their privacy. They simply seemed like hard fighting men who just needed the chance to relax. When Richard can, he approaches the Colonel (With the Major present) for his advice.

-“Colonel Simons, I see you are a man who enjoys your privacy. I will not intrude, but I must say it’s a rare opportunity for me to speak with a successful leader of a company such as yours.”

“Thank you,” Saul nods, his face devoid of any kind of emotion.

-“What is the name of your particular company Colonel Simons?”

“That information is confidential,” Saul replies, folding his arms in front of him.

-“I’ve heard rumors that your company is involved in the conflict in Bakujistra, the Dawn will be operating in that region and perhaps even stand idle during our stay on Ruie. Though I am unaware of your company’s resources, I’d like to offer the Dawn’s services as a troop transport or to ferry equipment. We could use the extra revenue.”

“Thank you again,” he says, “But all our needs are already being taken care of.”

-“What advice might an experienced commander like yourself have for me if I decide to start up my own mercenary company? Aside from ’don’t compete with us.’ of course!”

For the first time, Saul shows some emotion. He starts to laugh, gently at first, but soon he is roaring with laugher, with Paul joining in heartily.

“You,” Saul laughs, “A mercenary leader? In your dreams!”

-“I don’t suppose you might have any advice on the current state of affairs in Bakujistra. If business takes us there it would be prudent for a firsthand opinion.”

He stops laughing after a while. “It’s not a place for fancy nobles,” he says. “It’s the most dangerous place on Ruie, which is a pretty dangerous place to start with. I’d stay well away from there if I was you.”

-“I’d like to ask for your contact information in case we find anything that could assist you on our travels, it’s the least I could do for your patronage.”

He shakes his head. “We are fine, thank you. We just need time to ourselves.”

To Sir Sinclair: Richard treats Sinclair as an old friend for the duration of the journey, always making sure he is well taken care of and enjoying his stay. He makes sure to sit and share stories with the man, very interested in his business tactics and time with the Regina Hunt Club. Richard asks about the sorts of animals he has hunted and the kinds he expects to encounter when they get to Knorbes.

Sinclair is happy to carry on chatting with Richard. He likes to talk about hunting for as long as Richard can stand to listen to him. It’s the tree krakens that he has gone to Knorbes to hunt, not that he appears to have done a great deal of research on them – he’s just going on what other members of the Hunt Club have told him.

“So, have you ever been away from Regina before Sinclair? Any contacts or special places you would like to visit on the way?”

“No, never been off Regina before,” Sinclair says. “Work, work, work all of the time. Well all work and no play could make Sinclair a dull boy, which is why I decided it’s time to take a sabbatical. I’ve never been off Regina before. Looking forward to experiencing different cultures – and poppsies, of course!”

Sinclair seems quite ignorant of life off Regina. Although he can answer any question about finance and Reginian corporations, it becomes obvious that he is far from a well-rounded individual and he has done little or no studying about other worlds. So he has no requirements as to the route to get to Knorbes.

“You strike me as the sort who wants to enjoy his journey Sinclair, when we reach Ruie why don’t you spend some time on the town to enjoy yourself while we handle the grind to prepare for the next leg. You’ll have my information to contact me at any time, you’ve paid a premium for me to keep you happy after all!”

“Oh definitely!” Sinclair agrees. “I’m looking forward to going to some new places to party. That’s half the attraction of this trip. Can’t be cooped up on this ship the whole time – as nice a ship as it is – need to have some fun on each of the world’s we go to.”

Other than his general questions and sharing stories, Richard believes he understands Sinclair. Any further developments will need to be initiated by Sinclair.

From Richard:

After the murder, Richard addresses the crew. (including Rico)

“Not criminals Splinter, Sinclair asked to be drugged and he’s paying at premium to do so. Luckily it happens to be a mild sedative delivered by a professional, positively harmless. I will bend the rules if I feel necessary, but we are not nor will ever be criminals gentlemen. We have more class than that… Rogues is more apt.

The data theft had the best of intentions, but we’ve uncovered something far more sinister in the process; a spy and murderer in our midst. We will need to discuss these findings with the crew as soon as possible, as we may have found our quarry and perhaps worse… She may be connected with my father.

I’ll spare you the details gentlemen, but we have maintained the element of surprise. If we let Jasmina carry on her way she can lead us to her contacts, and then we can ambush and bust her and her employer and still recover the key. I’ve a hunch on just what this ‘key’ is and we cannot allow it to get away from us. We’re connected to the great game now gentlemen, our quarry may be Imperial agents or they could be the worst kind of criminals and assassins.

Only one way to find out."

From Splinter:

“Can we be Rogues with honour and dignity, or freedom fighters or crusaders, I want to be a crusader. Also whats THE Von Wolffe Cipher – more espionage, I’ve only got one tuxedo!

From Splinter

Splinter encourages Hagen to help him reduce the med-bay’s stock of medicinal brandy one night so they can swap stories about their very different military careers and compare scars: Splinter only has one scar dating from his naval days, a mild laser burn to the back of his left knee.

From Hagen

Hagen would be happy to help reduce the supply of Brandy, however Splinter should be prepared for gentle ribbing over his adamant stance against torture when it comes to breaking a murderess’ finger and then shooting someones toe off!

Chatting With Passengers Regina Ruie

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