Weapons from Ruie

Here is the list of items that were purchased on Ruie. There are a few corrections from Richard’s original list, as I have indicated:

Cr2000 = 10 RAM Grenade Launchers w/ 1 Extra Clip each (3rnd Clip) (3kg Launcher, 2kg Clip) RAM Grenades are not available at this TL – only ‘Early Grenade Launchers’.
Cr9500 = 500 Grenades (200 Frag (Cr10), 100 Stun (Cr50), 50 Smoke (Cr25), 50 Tear Gas (Cr25)) (1kg each) – specialist grenades cost more than standard frag.
Cr14400 = 10 Automatic Rifles (W/ Shoulder Stock, Silencer, Electronic Telescopic Sights) (8.1kg) 20rnd Clip (.5kg) Shoulder stocks are only for pistols. Electronic sights are not available at this TL.
Cr3500 = 5 SMGs (W/ Silencer) (3.1kg) 30rnd Clip (.5kg)
Cr1800 = 5 Shotguns (W/ Silencer) (4.35kg) 10rnd Clip (.75kg)
Cr20,000 = Portable Jammer (backpack sized) (10 Kilometer radius)
Cr2500 = 10 Suits Cloth Armor (2kg)
Cr2400 = 2 Lt Machineguns (5.5kg) 100rnd Clip (2.5kg)
Cr7000 = Assorted Ammunition
Cr5000 = 10 Sets Infrared Goggles (Added to the 2 sets we already had)
Cr1500 = Metalwork Tool Set (50kg)
Cr1000 = Mechanical Tool Set (20kg)
Cr2000 = Electronic Tool Set (5kg)
Cr50 = 5 Lockpick Sets
Cr4000 = 4 Medical Kits (10kg)
Cr1000 = 10 Short Range Communicators x 300g
Cr600 = 3 Tents

Total Cost = Cr78,250

If you want to dispose of any of this gear, then Rock will buy it off you at cost (apart from the radio jammer which he is not interested in)

Weapons from Ruie

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